Samsung SSD 850 Pro

The world's first 3D Vertical NAND

Experience the difference with V-NAND technology

Doing things differently can yield fascinating results. Instead of trying to decrease the length and width of cells in line with modern reductive form factors, Samsung has looked at things from a new angle. Its innovative 3D architecture takes a stacking approach and builds 32 cell layers one on top of the other. The results are incredible: a smaller footprint delivering higher performance and density while surpassing the limits of traditional NAND structuring.

A 3D V-NAND SSD means a whole new level of performance

Whether you’re looking at the sequential or random aspects, Samsung’s industry-leading technology reads and writes like never before. How much difference can 3D V-NAND technology make, you ask? Well, when compared to similar models on the market, the 128GB model* of Samsung’s 850 PRO outstrips rival writing speed by more than 80MB/s.

* 850 PRO 128 GB Sequential Write speed: 470 MB/s

RAPID response whenever you need it

You can kick up the read/write performance on every capacity when you need it with the RAPID mode. Just like shifting gears in a car, Magician software gives you the option to enhance performance by processing data on a system level using free PC memory (DRAM) as a cache, providing 1.8 times faster performance in the RAPID mode*.

* PCMark Vantage score (512 GB): 53K > 97K(in RAPID mode)

The SSD built to store and endure

You work hard, so why shouldn’t your SSD? The 850 PRO will remain match fit and capable of handling any level of demand for twice as long as its predecessor. Samsung build with the long game in mind, which is why the 850 PRO comes ready to handle up to 40 GB of daily reading and writing for a total of 150 Terabytes Written (TBW) over a 10-year period. This incredible stamina is backed up by a ten-year top-level limited warranty.

Stacked out levels of efficiency

When you have Samsung covering your SSD needs, there’s no such thing as time limits. Work longer and more productively thanks to the 850 PRO’s highly efficient power management components. Even when it’s working to its full market-leading capacity, the 850 PRO expends less energy than previous models and boasts the lowest power consumption of any SSD. The LPDDR2 cache memory works hard, but uses 30% less power when active and 93% less power while idling than your average DDR2 or DDR3 memory units.