DJ Equipment

There are a variety of products available that will allow you to let your musically creative side out in the best possible way

For instance, there's the DJ Tech USB Keyboard, which comes complete with Deckadance. This is the first worldwide computer keyboard made especially for DJs, allowing your to control, mix, play, and scratch your music with a level of ease that has never been seen before.

Combined with Deckadance software, which is compatible with both Mac and PC, and features over 1000 sample sounds, it will inject a bit of energy into your mixes.

Alternatively there's the Mix Vibes U-Mix Control ProDigital DJ Control, which is a compact device that doesn't need a connection. The power supply for this great gadget comes straight from the USB port on your computer.

Other features include an optimised layout and function, an adjustable crossfader curve, along with a 4-channel audio interface.

And if you want to take your music to a live audience, then there's the Soundlab 14W mini strobe light that will bring your music to life.

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£287.99 inc. vat

£239.99 ex. vat

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£373.00 inc. vat

£310.83 ex. vat

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Ion DJ2GO Portable DJ Controller For PC and Mac

  • Compact USB DJ Controller
  • Everything you need to DJ with your computer
  • Connects via USB cable no batteries required

£58.17 inc. vat

£48.47 ex. vat

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£3.56 inc. vat

£2.96 ex. vat

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Hercules HDP DJ-Adv G501 Headset

  • Drivers tailored for analytic listening
  • Stylish design
  • Swivel housing for any use and any DJ
  • Effective passive noise cancelling
  • Comfortable for long-wearing listening

£69.99 inc. vat

£58.32 ex. vat

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ION Duo Deck Vinyl and Cassette to Digital Conversion

  • Compact, portable design
  • Plays, converts vinyl records/cassette tapes
  • Built-in speaker

£79.32 inc. vat

£66.10 ex. vat

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  • 2 pages with 27 products