Office Essentials

From computers and electrical appliances, through to desks, chairs and stationery, there's a lot to think about when setting up or stocking an office space.
Of course, it's not just large items that are necessary for creating an effective workplace - so be sure to take some time to consider the little things that you and your employees will also need.
Here at, we offer a wide range of office essentials, making it easy for you to get the products necessary to keep your business moving. What's more, with our affordable prices and quick delivery times, you won't have to wait long for the items to arrive.

Stay on schedule

No matter how good your memory is, the best way to keep track of your meetings and deadlines is to write these details down ? and there plenty of options to choose from.

If you want to keep the information with you at all times, a diary is the way to go. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, from simple black books to those with colourful covers. Plus, they incorporate plenty of room to write down the details of every appointment and event going on in both your professional and personal life.

Calendars are also useful for planning your time, whether you want a day-by-day desk calendar or one that you can hang on the side of your cubical and view a whole week, month or year at a time.

For project management, a planner might be a better choice. Depending on your needs, these can be large, wall-mounted options that can be written on with dry-erase markers to provide a large-scale visualisation of the task, while smaller items are also available. In either case, they will often include space for information like short-term deadlines, long-term objectives, budgets, resources and other vital details.

Hold it all together

From preparing reports to filing, organising paperwork and simply making sure everything for a particular project is kept together, there are plenty of times when we need a fastener of some type.

Glue is a good choice if you're pasting documents together or assembling a display board for a presentation. Alternatively, a bit of sticky tape to hang up a sign ? or possibly some balloons to celebrate an employee's birthday ? can always come in handy.

Paperclips and pins are ideal for keeping documents in the right order. You could even do a bit of colour coding, with plastic paperclips available in various shades.

Staplers and staples are a more permanent alternative to paperclips. Meanwhile, hole punchers will allow you to place documents neatly in a ring binder.

Make a note of it

Whether you need to remind yourself of an important task to do later in the day, or you need to flag up an error or important point in a report or document, repositional notes and sticky index tabs can be very useful to have around.

Post-it notes are manufactured by 3M and come in a range of lovely colours, from the classic pastel yellow, to fluorescent pinks, blues and greens, which will help ensure they're noticed. Alternatively, you can opt for lesser-known brands, which are available in a range of sizes and money-saving multipacks.

Snip snip snip

Trimmers, guillotines and scissors are also useful to have around the office. Paper trimmers and guillotines make it easy to cut large stacks of paper to uniform sizes, while you'll want a pair of scissors for more detailed work.

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  • Q Connect Steel Risers, suitable for Q Connect and other compatible...
  • Clearance height of 123mm.
  • (Shown with letter trays).

£1.00 inc. vat

£2.00save £1.00

£0.83 ex. vat

£1.66save £0.83
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Q Connect KF10050 Letter Tray - Black

  • Ideal for helping sort paperwork
  • Quality and durable construction
  • Accepts both A4 and Foolscap Paper
  • High gloss finish
  • Black

£1.74 inc. vat

£1.45 ex. vat

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Q-Connect Economy Mouse Mat - Blue

  • Padded mouse mat with smooth cloth surface
  • Provides a consistent & clean mousing surface
  • Superb traction
  • Non-slip base
  • Colour - Blue

£1.49 inc. vat

£1.24 ex. vat

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Q Connect 17cm (6 1/2") Scissors

  • Q Connect Scissors.
  • All purpose scissors are ergonomic with an excellent cutting quality....
  • Size: 17cm.

£2.00 inc. vat

£1.66 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect Desk Tidy.
  • Attractive and durable six-compartment desk tidy keeps everything in...
  • Colour - Black.

£1.49 inc. vat

£1.24 ex. vat

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Q CONNECT STAPLES 26/6 P5000 KF27001

  • Q Connect 26/6 Staples.
  • Quality staples that will fit all standard size staplers.

£0.99 inc. vat

£2.50save £1.51

£0.82 ex. vat

£2.08save £1.26
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Pukka Pads Divider Notes 3 Part - 3 Pads

  • Repositionable Self Adhesive notes
  • Easy to write on & use for highlighting marking or indexing
  • Vibrant Neon Colours
  • 60 Notes / 3 Pads

£2.49 inc. vat

£2.07 ex. vat

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  • Q Magazine Rack manufactured from high impact polystyrene that will...
  • Holds A4 files, paper and magazines neatly on shelves, desks etc....
  • Colours match the Q Connect Letter Trays.

£2.99 inc. vat

£2.49 ex. vat

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  • Q Connect Scissors.
  • All purpose scissors are ergonomic with an excellent cutting quality....
  • Size: 26cm.

£2.99 inc. vat

£2.49 ex. vat

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  • Fellowes CD Cases.
  • protective, polypropylene cases in a slimline round space saving...
  • Colour - Clear.

£2.99 inc. vat

£3.50save £0.51

£2.49 ex. vat

£2.91save £0.42
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Q Connect 30cm Ruler - Clear

  • High quality clear acrylic ruler
  • Measurements in mm, cm & inches.
  • 300mm/12 inch

£0.30 inc. vat

£0.75save £0.45

£0.25 ex. vat

£0.62save £0.37
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  • Q Connect Quick Tac Adhesive Putty.
  • Reusable adhesive that will hold paper or light objects to most...
  • It will not mark walls or dry out.
  • 70g pack.

£1.10 inc. vat

£0.91 ex. vat

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  • Q-Connect Mesh Letter Tray.
  • Side load letter tray for A4 documents and folders.
  • Colour: Silver.

£2.39 inc. vat

£2.99save £0.60

£1.99 ex. vat

£2.49save £0.50
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  • 67 pages with 1000+ products