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Announcing the next-generation of LTO-7 Ultrium tape archival solutions

HPE StoreEver LTO-7 Ultrium

As businesses understand that storing, securing, and repurposing data assets are fundamental to their success, the position of tape as the ideal low-cost data archiving solution is being strengthened. LTO-7 Ultrium data cartridges take that evolution one stage further, offering outstanding capacity (15 TB per tape), performance (1.1 TB/hr native transfer speed) and the same innovation (LTFS, encryption) durability and scalability customers have enjoyed with earlier generations of LTO Ultrium.

Compelling new uses cases for LTO technology

ESG Lab confirmed that the addition of partitioning and LTFS adds compelling new uses cases for LTO technology. Now, this removable media can be easily used with its native utilities for file-level operations, and these file-level capabilities can be expanded to tape-as-NAS and tiered storage solutions. Also, when deployed with modern data protection best practices, tape - combined with disk and cloud components - can extend efficiency while providing customers with huge data storage flexibility.

"LTO for the Next-generation Data Center" (ESG Lab Review, November 2015)

Transform data migration with tNAS

Successfully manage technology changes and data migration using the HPE StoreEver Tape-as-NAS (tNAS) with LTO-7 and MSL6480 tape libraries.

Protect Your Digital Enterprise

Protect your ideas and precious data with HPE LTO-7 data cartridges that have been tested to extremes to provide maximum reliability for archiving and restoring data.

Empower the Data-driven Organisation

Accelerate knowledge by securely and strategically managing your data in LTO-7 archives, both long-term retention and value analysis in the future.

Enable Workplace Productivity

Effortlessly scale to meet the demands of unprecedented and unpredictable data growth - driven predominantly by the increase of new unstructured content and the need to keep more data for longer.

HPE LTO-7 Tapes

HP LTO-7 Ultrium Cartridges

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