Volume Licensing

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Microsoft Volume Licensing from An affordable way to ensure your organisation is equipped with the latest versions of essential software. MVL delivers increased creativity and productivity whilst providing extra functionality and payment options compared to boxed retail versions. Call the Ebuyer Solutions Team now for friendly, expert advice on how your organisation can benefit from Microsoft Volume Licensing.

OLP - Open Licensing Program

The flexible choice for charitable, educational, government and corporate organisations looking for a Perpetual Outright Purchase solution but that still wish to purchase in volume. OLP features perpetual but down-gradable licenses and have the option of adding Software Assurance support over a two year term.

OLV - Open Value

Three year fixed term with flexible annual payments with low up-front costs. OVP offers a single platform option with both company wide and non-companywide options. Software Assurance is included with all Open Value options.

Public Sector Licensing are a Microsoft Authorised Education Retailer and offer a range of software licensing solutions for academic organisations including special programmes for higher education institutions and primary / secondary schools. Other public sector organisations and government departments can chose from either OLP or OVL agreements.

Why choose Ebuyer?

As a Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider and Authorised Education Retailer we can provide exclusive licensing options. Our Solutions Team have specialist product knowledge and vast experience in providing tailored software management solutions for business and public sector organisations.

Flexible terms

Range of payment options and subscription plans

Mobile plans

Work on the go with Office 365 Mobile

Trusted seller

Accredited Microsoft supplier with specialist solutions team

Office 365

With millions of users around the world Office 365 is essential software for any business or organisation. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are universally used applications and Microsoft Volume Licensing is the affordable way to equip your workforce whether that be with 5 or 250+ licenses..

EOS Migration Service

Windows Server 2003 is nearing end of life and support will be withdrawn in July 2015. Users must update to Windows Server 2012. As OEM licenses cannot be used the Ebuyer Solutions Team can advise on the appropriate Open or Retail licenses needed to upgrade to WS 2012.

Software Assurance

Provided with most Volume Licensing packages Software Assurance ensures your staff receive the right tools, training and around-the-clock support to make the most of all your Microsoft software.

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