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ADS & LDAP Logo Windows AD & LDAP Support

What is Windows AD

Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) is a service developed by Microsoft that allows IT administrator to centralize and manage different kinds of resources over a network. The information (client computer, user and group) is stored in a Windows AD server.

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Joining Windows AD

When a DiskStation joins a Windows AD domain, each domain user can enjoy single sign-on by using an ubiquitous account to log into DiskStation - the same account can be used on multiple DiskStations as well. For businesses, it means your IT manager doesn't need to create new accounts whenever a new device is added to the domain - yielding increased efficiency and a simpler account management system.

Managing Permissions

DiskStation provides intuitive interface for IT managers to easily manage Windows AD domain accounts and their permission rights - whether it's for accessing DSM services, applications, shared folders or storage quota.

  • Easily manage domain permissions in a large scale deployment
  • Use File Station to setup permissions at sub-folder level with 3 permission options and 16 advanced options from Windows ACL
  • Allow domain users to have their own private folder (User Home folder)

Complete LDAP Support

Synology offers complete LDAP directory service support, allowing businesses to host their own LDAP server to centralize network resources and accounts, or join DiskStation to an existing LDAP domain as a client. To comply with business integrity, you can also easily setup privileges for LDAP domain users and groups, as well as their rights to access applications and services on DiskStation. LDAP service can be hosted by installing Directory Server in Package Center.

Host Your LDAP Server

There's no need to purchase an additional server for managing LDAP directories: your DiskStation is a LDAP server. By installing Directory Server from Package Center, you can easily setup your own LDAP server and manage domain accounts directly on DSM's interface - the same account will have access to all your other network devices that join the domain.

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Joining a LDAP Directory Service

You can join Synology DiskStation to your LDAP directory service. This sufficiently increases IT management productivity by reducing the time it requires to individually setup new accounts. Users that are in the LDAP domain can use their account to log into DiskStation and use its services.

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Privilege Management

IT administrator can easily set up privileges for domain users and groups to DiskStation resources, such as shared folders, space quota and applications. For example, you can give Sales read/write access to the sales report folder, while Marketing, Support and Operations have read-only privilege. You can also set storage quota for a user account to keep your storage space in check. Access rights to different DiskStation applications, such as File Station, Surveillance Station, Network Backup and more, are also supported.

File Station Logo File Station

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The Ultimate App for Your Files

File Station makes sharing and managing files easier and safer than ever. You can create folders, copy and delete files in between your PC and DiskStation; when you accidentally delete a file it can be easily restored in the recycle bin. For businesses, File Station can boost productivity with support for Google Docs, Windows ACL, speed limit for individual users, and many more.

Manage & Share Effortlessly

The HTML5 web technology allows you to drag and drop documents from PC to File Station easily. To move or copy a file, all you need to do is drag it from one folder to another. This applies to all types of files - presentation, sales report spreadsheet, videos and any other digital content. To make things even more natural for you, the hot keys support lets you perform actions such as copy, paste, select and many more combinations on a keyboard.

Smooth Browsing

File Station makes browsing files on the web easier than ever. With Continuous Browsing, you won't have to click next to switch to another page: the page expands seamlessly as you scroll. When browsing through files, you can switch to Thumbnail View for photos and List View for work documents to help you find the right file faster.

Server Backup Logo Server Backup

Synology's Server Backup service offers business with different alternatives to backup copies of your most important data on DiskStation, so you are always prepared for the worst. The Backup and Restore feature centralizes every backup utility and gives you a one-stop, seamless experience. This includes local, server and cloud backup. Finally, Time Backup comes with Version Control and Quick Restore to provide peace of mind for you.

Network Backup

Network Backup allows you to back up data from one DiskStation to another one, including rsync compatible server, over the network. Encryption and compression makes a backup task safe and efficient. You can also block-level backup, so that only the changed files will be processed to save network bandwidth.

Shared Folder Sync

Shared Folder Sync allows users to synchronize specific folders from multiple servers to a single destination server in real-time1. Branch offices will be able to share documents with headquarter seamlessly and safely with encrypted folder protection. The disaster recovery time can be greatly minimized when your source DiskStation experiences failure, and in turn it can ensure maximum service uptime.

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Synology's Virtualization Support

Synology recognizes the trend in virtualization as we strive to provide the most up to date support for cutting-edge technologies. Synology's technology portfolio makes data storage and data movement easier in a virtualization environment, for all sizes of business.

Synology is the leading NAS server provider to offer support on the following:

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VMware VAAI Support

Synology has acquired itself with readiness for VMware vSphere® 5 and full VAAI support. Full VAAI support includes Hardware Assisted Locking (ATS), Block Zero, Full Copy, and Thin Provisioning. When deploying Synology DiskStation and RackStation, businesses are entitled for:

  • Faster operation performance of VMs achieved by offloading cycles from ESX/ESXi to storage array
  • More effective utilization of storage arrays delivered by virtual machines with VAAI support
  • Better flexibility for deploying and migrating VMs
  • Higher storage performance and storage efficiency with VMFS-5 file system
  • Smoother access and management efficiency with load balancing automation in Storage vMotion

To show how VAAI support can improve performance in practice, here are some key figures and testing summary* :

Hardware Assisted Locking : creating multiple VMs is 9 times faster with ATS enabled Block Zeroing : creating a VM with Write Same support is nearly 140 times faster than on a non VAAI LUN Full Copy : copying a VM on a VAAI LUN is 34 times faster than on a non VAAI LUN

To learn more about our VAAI support, please visit the official Synology Blog (English).

Synology's Virtualization Image 2

Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V

Synology DiskStation and RackStation pass Windows Server 2012 certification. Businesses are able to leverage the functionalities of Microsoft-certified storage solutions including: live storage migration, capability, Hyper-V Replica, and storage capacity.

Businesses that deploy servers with Windows Server 2012 certification are entitled for:

  • Boost performance and flexibility when migrating running VM without downtime
  • Accelerate VM capability to simplify management and cost; Allocate up to 64 virtual processors and up to 1TB memory
  • Leverage new VHDX format and its ability support up to 64TB storage per virtual hard disk to flexibly accommodate to enterprise request
  • Ensure business continuity and minimize disaster recovery time with real-time VM remote replication
Synology's Virtualization Image 3

* Testing environment and specifications for VAAI:
ESXi server specifications: Intel® Core™ i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz Quad Core; 8G RAM; Intel 82574L Gigabit x2 NIC; OS: ESX 5.0.0 504890; Motherboard: MSI MS-7740 DiskStation specifications: DS3611xs; 2TB WD HDD x4; RAID 5

Live View

Whether it's on Mac or PC, you can always monitor live happenings via Internet connection. Watch live view feeds on all major browsers - Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer®, & Safari®.

Surveillance Image 1

Concurrent Live View

View up to 49 channels. Stream live feed from cameras hosted on different DiskStations and monitor on one single interface.

Flexible Layout

Optimize Live View layout to fit different camera resolution for the best monitoring experience.

Versatile Support

Install fisheye cameras for 360° monitoring; PTZ & snapshot are supported; E-map allows an overview of IP cam deployment.

Event Management

Using Surveillance Station's interface, you can easily manage and browse through your library of recorded events. With the provided tools, you can call up any event with just a few clicks.

Surveillance Image 2

Event Playback

Use Sync mode to view all events with a single timeline and Non-Sync mode to eliminate the gaps between each recording, while Time Slice mode lets you split one event into 4 segments so playback can be more efficient.

Image Enhancement

You can adjust image attributes like brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness to help you see images clearer. It works under Smart Search, too.


Surveillance Image 3

Schedule & Archive

Create and customize a 24/7 recording schedule with different types of recording modes. The Archive Rotation system prevents past events from filling up storage space.

Versatile Recording Modes

Set up recording schedule that fits in the monitoring needs. You can choose modes such as Manual, Continuous, Motion Detection, Alarm, and Alarm with Motion Detection.

Camera Management

Whether it 's for a single camera or for large-scale deployment, Surveillance Station offers versatile tools to help you mange IP camera settings efficiently.

Surveillance Image 4

Versatile Support

Choose between 1,200 cameras from well-known brands. In-depth integration with selected vendors, grants more options to customize your camera settings.


Surveillance Image 5

Mobile Surveillance

With DS cam, you can watch live view, playback events, take snapshot and perform PTZ actions right on your mobile device.

Push Notifications

DS cam lets you receive instant notifications right on your mobile device. There are a total of 9 events that can trigger the alert so you won't miss anything important.

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