What type of system do I need?

Analogue CCTV

Analogue systems are still by far the most popular choice for domestic installs. Now available in Full HD Options the technology and image quality have advanced considerably in the past few years. With all you need to install included within the kits, they are still the number one choice for anyone looking for a new system or indeed replacing an older one.

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IP Systems run over network cabling. This gives them a number of advantages. Firstly, they can be added to an existing network meaning there is very little installation needed. You can also run power & video (PoE) through a single network cable. Finally, IP offers much higher resolution than even HD analogue systems.

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WiFi systems are ultra-easy to install and are available in HD & Full HD options. They are the easiest install option and often offer SD Card or cloud recording which allows the cameras to be used as stand-alone devices as well as together in a system. Not as robust as the other options, these are best suited to domestic install.

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Whether we are at home or at the office we all like to feel secure. And, by installing CCTV systems, we can all have the kind of peace of mind that comes with added security. And, here at Ebuyer.com, we offer everything you need to create a complete security network at an easily affordable price.