2.1 Speaker Systems

Also known as three-piece audio, 2.1 speaker systems provide great stereo sound that is enhanced with a subwoofer for lower frequencies.
Most 2.1 speaker systems are designed for use with a desktop computer and they may attach through the USB port or the headphone input. They are manufactured by some of the UK's best known brands, such as Xenta, Logitech, Sony and Creative Labs and are ideal if you want to enjoy great sound quality from a video game or streaming media.
When shopping for 2.1 speaker systems, be sure to consider the power of the devices, as this will indicate the sound quality and maximum volume level. You may also want to think about whether the devices come with accessories like remote controls.
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Xenta 303 2.1 channel Subwoofer speaker System

  • Xenta 303 2.1 channel Subwoofer speaker System
  • Compact speaker set (10Watts power)
  • 3.5mm stereo cable for easy connectivity
  • Plug and Play instantly

£19.98 inc. vat

£16.65 ex. vat

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Creative A250 2.1 Speaker System

  • Creative DSE improves frequency distribution for the entire system...
  • Creative IFP provides an even wider acoustic sweet spot

£38.50 inc. vat

£32.08 ex. vat

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Logitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System - 30W RMS

  • 360-degree sound
  • Ported, down-firing subwoofer
  • 1 dual RCA jack and one 3.5 mm jack
  • Integrated headphone jack
  • 30 watts (RMS)

£50.99 inc. vat

£42.49 ex. vat

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Xenta K2Beby 2.1 Bluetooth speakers with subwoofer system

  • Speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 10W subwoofer and two 5W satellite speakers
  • Range of up to 10 meters

£39.99 inc. vat

£59.99save £20.00

£33.32 ex. vat

£49.99save £16.67
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Creative Inspire T3300 2.1 Pc Speaker System

  • 5.5 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels)
  • 16 Watts RMS subwoofer
  • Frequency response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Product Weight: Speaker( 325g), Subwoofer(2.6kg)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)mm :

£55.00 inc. vat

£45.83 ex. vat

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Tytan 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker Set - Black Uk

  • 2.1 speaker set including wooden subwoofer with a total RMS power...
  • Convenient wired volume control with headphones and iPod/mp3...
  • High quality sound with deep bass

£57.12 inc. vat

£47.60 ex. vat

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Otone Aporto USB/Battery Speaker

  • Power Supply: 4x AAA battery or 5V USB
  • Total RMS Power: 6W (2 x 3W)
  • Drivers: 2 x 2" Full range, 3 ohm
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm stereo jack, USB Audio
  • Dimensions: 294 x 73 x 50mm

£25.25 inc. vat

£21.04 ex. vat

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Microlab MD220 small Dock 2W RMS rechargeable battery

  • Quality stereo speaker system with built-in amplifier
  • Ideal for movies, gaming, music and pc applications
  • Clear and uncoloured sound

£12.35 inc. vat

£12.99save £0.64

£10.29 ex. vat

£10.82save £0.53
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Microlab speaker M200

  • 2.1 sub-woofer speaker system for deeper bass
  • Stereo sound effects with sub-woofer providing depth in resolution...
  • Full range sound that covers most type of music such as POP, Jazz, Rock,...

£39.99 inc. vat

£33.32 ex. vat

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Creative T4 Wireless 2.1 Speaker

  • • System Configuration 2.1 system
  • • Bluetooth® Version Bluetooth 3.0
  • • Bluetooth® Profile AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control), A2DP...
  • • Supported Codecs aptX, SBC, AAC

£263.00 inc. vat

£219.16 ex. vat

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Microlab M223U 2.1 Speaker set 17W RMS SD USB FM Radio

  • • Quality 2.1 subwoofer system with depth and full range audio...
  • • Powerful subwoofer and crystal clear satellites
  • • Front panel with playback controls and volume level knob

£35.55 inc. vat

£29.62 ex. vat

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Microlab FC50 72W RMS 2.1 Speaker system HC2D DSP Black

  • • Advanced HC2D technology for high fidelity sound production in...
  • • Satellites with box less design; improve speaker efficiency and...
  • • Powerful subwoofer with deep bass and vocals

£74.99 inc. vat

£62.49 ex. vat

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