Computer Storage

Computer Storage Options

With so much data being processed, stored and transferred on our computers we need to ensure that we have the most reliable storage available. Be that our internal hard drive, external flash drives or any of the other computer storage options we have available at

Hard drives

A new hard drive can make a huge difference to your computer. Increasing the capacity will allow you to store so many more media files. And installing a faster hard drive will also improve the performance of your PC.

When installing a new hard drive you have the option of a tradition HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or a SSD (Solid-State Drive). Both do the same job - they store and process data. However they differ in how they are made.

A HDD is made of moving parts. Its spinning platters have a magnetic coating that saves the data. An SSD on the other hand has no moving parts and stores the data on flash memory. This makes Solid-Disk Drives faster and more reliable. But the trade-off is that they are more expensive and usually have less storage capacity.

At Ebuyer we have a massive range of both HDD and SDD drives. Look out for hard drives from such well known manufacturers as HGST, Seagate and Western Digital. We also have all the accessories you need to successfully install your new drive including enclosures and caddies.

Other Storage

As well as internal hard drives Ebuyer also has plenty of other storage options available. If you don't want to add an internal drive to your computer we have lots of external drives.

With their plug and play functionality external drives are very easy to use and have the added advantage that they are portable and can be easily switched between computers.

Other convenient storage options include memory cards for your smartphones and other digital devices as well as a huge range of USB flash drives with capacities ranging from 2GB to a whopping 1 terabyte.

Blank media and optical drives

An optical drive (or two) is an essential piece of kit for your PC. And we have DVD and Blu-Ray drives available as both internal and external models. These drives are great for playing the latest games, movies and music. But optical drives can also be used to store data and to help you do this we have a wide choice of Blu-Ray.

Great deals at Ebuyer

Whichever computer storage options you are looking for you will always find a great deal here at Order today and we will deliver direct to your door.

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