RAID Controllers & HBAs

A RAID system - that is, a redundant array of independent disks - is a reliable and practical option for both backing up data and creating a network.
Of course, if you're setting up one of these devices, you'll need the right accessories to ensure that it functions properly.
For example, RAID controllers are a type of hardware needed to manage the various disk drives and to allow the computer to view the data storage device as a logical unit.
Meanwhile, host bus adaptors (HBAs) can be used to connect the computer to the RAID system. They generally connect fibre channel, SCISI or eSATA devices, while ethernet HBAS and iSCSI may also be used, depending on the situation.

Here at, we offer a wide range of RAID controllers and HBAs for backup and data storage systems. Our collection includes items from brands like Startech, Adaptec, Apple and Belkin and all of our products are provided at affordable low prices that you're sure to love.

Most devices are installed via PCI or PCI Express. They generally have two or four ports, while devices with eight or more ports are also available.

No matter what you choose to purchase, you should check to see the speed of the device is suitable for your requirements.

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3 Port Pci Express 2.0 Sata Iii 6 Gbps Raid Controller Card W/ Msata Slot And Hyperduo Ssd Tiering

  • Supports HyperDuo SSD auto-tiering
  • 1 mSATA SSD slot and 3 AHCI SATA III (6Gbps) ports through PCI Express x2...
  • Supports hardware RAID 0, 1, and 1+0 modes configured through BIOS...

£58.00 inc. vat

£65.99save £7.99

£48.33 ex. vat

£54.99save £6.66
View product 4 Port PCI SATA RAID Controller Adapter Card

  • Add 4 SATA ports to your PC through a PCI expansion slot with support for...
  • PCI SATA - SATA Card
  • SATA Controller

£29.99 inc. vat

£24.99 ex. vat

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£30.20 inc. vat

£25.16 ex. vat

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Startech 1 Port PCI-express ESATA Card - Uk

  • A reliable way to connect high speed, high capacity external storage...

£7.90 inc. vat

£6.58 ex. vat

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StarTech XGI Volari Z7 16 MB PCI VGA Video Adapter Card

  • Provide enhanced graphic performance for today's demanding...
  • Ideal for embedded or critical environment applications

£50.99 inc. vat

£42.49 ex. vat

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£185.50 inc. vat

£154.58 ex. vat

View product 2 Port RS232/422/485 PCI Serial Adapter Card w/ ESD Protection

  • Supports RS232, RS422, RS485 2 wire, and RS485 4 wire modes
  • Each port can be set independently
  • Built-in ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection

£98.00 inc. vat

£81.66 ex. vat

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Adaptec 2271700-R 6405E (4 Internal Port) Low-Profile MD2 with PCIe x1, SAS 2.0 & Gen 2 PCIe Unified Serial RAID Controller

  • PMC-sierra PM8013 dual core RAID on Chip (ROC)
  • SAS 2.0 interfaces and PCIe host connection
  • PCIe x1 interface
  • Low-profile form factor smaller than MD2 allows installation in...

£163.82 inc. vat

£136.51 ex. vat

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£37.00 inc. vat

£30.83 ex. vat

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£91.00 inc. vat

£75.83 ex. vat

View product PCI Express to 2 PCI & 2 PCIe Expansion Enclosure System

  • Expansion bay providing 2 PCI ports (32-bit/33 MHz), and 2 PCIe...
  • Self-powered PCI/PCIe expansion system with an on/off button

£257.99 inc. vat

£214.99 ex. vat

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Startech 40 Pin Female IDE to SATA Adapter Converter

  • Compliant with SATA specification 1.0 and Ultra ATA-133
  • Compact form factor
  • No driver/software installation required

£8.90 inc. vat

£7.41 ex. vat

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