Guide to finding the cheapest monitors

Technology has come a long way since the first monitor. Tech companies have improved on monitor picture quality, energy efficiency and adaptability, without compromising on price. Nowadays you can find a great monitor on any budget. With so many monitors available on the market, it can be daunting trying to find the cheapest monitors without having to give up efficiency and value for money. We all know that a high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean high quality to match.

It’s important to remember what you need your monitor for, as this can greatly affect the price you pay. There’s no need to pay out for features that you don’t need. Whether you run a business, need a new monitor for your home or want to update your gaming rig, at Ebuyer we’ve got some of the best budget monitors that pack an impressive punch. We understand that searching for the perfect monitor to fit your budget whilst also providing excellent picture quality can be a struggle. But fear not, at Ebuyer we have created a useful guide to help you finding the cheapest monitors!

Cheapest monitors for Businesses

Running your business can be expensive. Kitting out an office can be difficult when you are on a tight budget. You want to make sure that your employees are set up with quality equipment without breaking the bank. At Ebuyer we have a great selection of budget monitors to suit your workplace needs, without compromising on quality and efficiency.

When on the hunt for a great monitor, you need to focus on the resolution and the colour accuracy that is on offer. For a workplace, a monitor should provide users with a clear picture and decent refresh time above 60Hz, so that users can perform efficiently.

A monitor with a high resolution of 1080p or higher is important for the workplace because it ensures that your employees can see data and work on applications properly. This can be vital for employees that use editing software or use a lot of imagery in their daily work.

Depending on what work you do will greatly depend on the size of monitor you need. If you work with a lot of graphics or imagery, then a monitor of 27-inches or more will provide you with enough screen space. If desk space isn’t an issue, then why not consider creating a dual monitor set up? Double the amount of screen space you have and create a more efficient way of working.

Pixel Response Rate (measured in milliseconds) is a key thing to consider when looking for a cheaper monitor. This measures the time it takes for a pixel to change from one colour to another. If your workload involves viewing high impact visuals or editing images or films then a monitor with a 2ms to 6ms pixel response rate will perform well with intense visuals, without making too much of a dent in your budget.

The faster the pixel response rate, the less chance for images to blur or “ghosting” to occur. This is when discoloration of areas on a screen occur.

Brands such as LG or Xenta, pride themselves on creating excellent and affordable monitors that are a great option for businesses. Many monitors provide full HD resolution, making working with screens enjoyable and easier. Images are clearer and colours are brighter. Response times are shortened, colour reproduction is improved, and users can view the screen at different angles. At Ebuyer we’re sure you’ll find the cheapest monitors for your business.

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Cheapest monitors for the home

Kitting out your home with great tech can be costly. But you don’t need to pay a fortune to find yourself a high performing monitor. At Ebuyer, we stock hundreds of amazing monitors to suit any budget. But it can be hard to know which one will be the best value whilst also providing great quality.

The key to finding the cheapest monitor for your home is setting yourself a budget and knowing what features you need. Whether you’re planning on using a monitor for basic internet browsing, viewing images or streaming movies, then you can’t go wrong with a Full HD monitor. Bright colour contrasts and a high definition picture will do a great job as the monitor for a family computer. You can find everything you need from a monitor at a cheap price, meaning you don’t need to break the bank. Some of the cheapest monitors still provide excellent value for money in comparison to other higher-end monitors available on the market.

If all you use your PC for is internet browsing, using writing software to finish those last- minute homework assignments or viewing recent holiday photos, then you don’t need a super-high spec monitor. It’s pointless paying out for a monitor with features that you’re not going to use. Most modern HD monitors are affordable, depending on the screen size, a 24-inch monitor is a good choice if you wish to view multipage documents or watch movies but have limited desk space. A HD monitor will provide you great viewing quality for movies or looking at photos, without compromising on your budget.

Are you planning on sharing your monitor with other members of your household? Then it would be helpful to choose a monitor that has an easily adjustable stand. This means that whoever is using the monitor, can view the screen comfortably. A monitor that has its own built-in USB ports could also be helpful should you need to attach portable memory sticks often.

Should you want to watch videos or listening to music on your monitor, then another thing to consider is the speakers. Most monitors now have built in speakers and provide a decent amount of sound quality, meaning you don’t have to buy separate ones. This means that you can save money and desk space.

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Cheapest Monitors for gaming

Each gamer has their own preferences when it comes to setting up their own gaming rig. Depending on what style or genre of gaming you take part in could greatly impact what type of monitor you need. You can find some of the most affordable monitors for gaming at Ebuyer, without the need to compromise on the visual quality.  

At Ebuyer, you can find a large 27-inch monitor for a great price. In the gaming world, the larger the screen the better, because you can fully immerse yourself within the game. Now-a-days, you can pick up a quality 27-inch monitor for under £150, without having to give up good graphics or an impressive pixel response rate.

For a pro-gaming experience, you’ll need a monitor with a low pixel response rate. This means anything between 6ms and 1ms will provide users with seamless graphics without blurring- even when playing fast paced games. Bear in mind that when you’re looking for a gaming monitor with a response rate of less than 4ms you’ll need to find the correct panel type. There are two main different types of panels: IPS and TN. IPS monitors work by having a parallel instead of a square array of pixels, which provides better colour reproduction has the benefit of excellent viewing angles. TN is a type of LCD panel display technology. TN panels are characterized as being the fastest and cheapest among the other main display panel types as they support higher refresh rates and low response times.


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A good resolution is vital for any gaming monitor. 4K monitors contain 4 times as much resolution as standard HD monitors, meaning there is more pixels on the screen. They make a great choice for people who need to view large, complex graphics. There are people who game using a 4K monitor, however not all games are compatible with that level of resolution, which is something you might need to keep in mind when deciding on the resolution you’ll require to suit your gaming needs. There are tons of cheap monitors for gaming, meaning you can get better value for money. A full HD monitor could be a cheaper alternative to more high-spec options, whilst still providing impressive quality graphics, making them a suitable choice for gaming.

If space isn’t an issue, why not consider a curved monitor for your gaming set up? Yes, they can be a bit more expensive, but you can pick up a good quality curved monitor (depending on the size) for a reasonable price in order to meet most budgets. The advantages of a curved monitor for gaming, is that it provides users with an almost 3D effect because it fully immerses you within the game.

One thing to remember when looking for the cheapest monitors, is the speed and abilities of the screen. For a smooth gaming experience, you need to consider the refresh rate (measured in … < say what Hz is short for), which is the number of times your monitor updates with new images each second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the picture. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that depending on how high the refresh rate is, this could affect the price of the monitor. You could pick up a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate for under £250, giving you a sharp image and fast reaction times for your games.

Cheapest monitors for colleges

Providing students with excellent quality monitors doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Modern day monitors can provide students with impressive graphics and speed at low prices. Of course, it’s important when looking for the cheapest monitor for your college, that you know what functions and capabilities you need from your monitors. Depending on what tasks you require your monitor to excel at will greatly impact what spec of monitor you’ll need. If your students use their computers for everyday tasks such as Microsoft Word or browsing the internet, then you don’t really need a monitor with a super- fast response rate or a screen larger than 24-inches. This will help you to save both money and desk space, while still giving you excellent value for money.

Another point to consider when looking for a monitor for a college is the adaptability factors. If multiple students will be using the same monitor, then it might be useful to choose one that has adjustable height or screen tilt options in order to allow students to use the monitor in comfort to suit their preferences. Many budget monitors provide different height adjustment options, making them a great choice for a multiple user set up.

If your students need a monitor for more image-intense tasks, such as photography or media students, then you might want to consider monitors with larger screens and with a strong pixel response rate. This will ensure better viewing quality for the user. A pixel rate of 2ms to 6ms rate will work great with intense visuals, without affecting your budget too much. This strong pixel rate range will also limit the amount of blurring when working with moving images. There’s no need to pay too much for these features as you can find a great monitor with these qualities for less than you’d think!  

Whether you need the cheapest monitors for your home, business, college or for gaming, you are sure to find the perfect one at Ebuyer. We offer amazing prices for great monitors so that you can get more bang for your buck!

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