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Got a question about tech? A bit baffled by the online world? Just not sure how that new gadget or software works? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. On this page you’ll find answers to all the questions you’re asking – and answers to questions you hadn’t even thought about.

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What PSU Do I Need? If you’re unsure where to start when choosing a power supply for your PC setup, you’re not alone but our handy guide will help you make the right choice.

What is computer RAM? Scratching your head at all the jargon floating around tech? Don’t panic. If you’re confused about RAM read our handy guide and all will become clear.

What is a motherboard? Motherboards are crucial to the inner workings of a PC. Find out the different types and how they work.

What is a smart TV? Smart TV is the future of television! Here’s our guide on what to look out for when you’re busy choosing a new TV set

What is water cooling? Baffled by water cooling? Don’t lose your cool. Read our beginners guide and all will become crystal clear.

Will an SSD improve my laptop’s performance? If your laptop is still rocking a hard disk drive now is the ideal time to upgrade. Here’s why you should make the switch.

Which is the best Intel processor? You’ve seen the ads so you know Intel processors are fast. But which is the one you need? i3, i5, 17, i9 if it’s just numbers to you read our handy guide.

What is an AMD Threadripper? It’s the processor which is ripping up the opposition. But what exactly is an AMD Threadripper and why do you need one. We answer all your questions in our guide.

What is cloud storage and why do I need it? A truly convenient way to organise your documents and data is with cloud storage. But what exactly is that? This article explains it all!

Do I need a Home Server? There are plenty of reasons to get a home server, and in this article we take a look at some of the pros and cons.

What is a NAS drive? Installing a NAS drive is a great way to maximise your storage capabilities. Here’s out handy guide to why you need a NAS…

What is Whole Home Wi-Fi? A significant way to improve your entire internet experience is to opt for some sort of Whole Home Wi-Fi set-up. This article explains what that means…

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