What is an AMD Threadripper?

In the world of computing, there’s tons to learn, jargon to de-code and new- age components to try and comprehend. When it comes to technology, there’s always new updates and releases on devices and specialist tech. PC’s are made up from lots of different components and intricate parts in order to work properly. Understanding what different components have to offer could be incredibly useful for someone who wants to improve how their PC runs, preferably without getting confused by a tech-savvy salesperson.

Components like an AMD Threadripper could greatly improve your computer’s capabilities, without affecting the overall performance.  In this article, we’re going to be discussing the world of AMD Threadripper, how they work, who benefits most from them and if you should invest in one. So, after reading this page, you’ll be an expert in all things Threadripper!

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So, what is an AMD Threadripper?

Okay, lets strip this down to the basics. Threadripper, also known as Ryzen Threadripper is a range of microprocessors which have been designed by the company AMD. Microprocessors are an essential part of any computer because they incorporate the core functions of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU). CPU’s are responsible for processing and executing instructions. Basically, a microprocessor can be compared to a human brain, and can be programmed to complete different tasks based on certain instructions and capabilities.

So, in basic terms, Threadripper is a type of microprocessor that you can get for your PC. This range from AMD launched its 1st generation in 2017 and since then has released two more generations: 2nd and 3rd. The Threadripper series is aimed towards mainstream users which rely on heavy applications and multitasking scenarios, who require better functionality than other AMD microprocessors on the market.

How does an AMD Threadripper work?  

We’ll try to keep this explanation as simple as possible! Threadripper is a huge processor range and relies on bare chips called dies. These dies (aka CPU dies) act as the final product of the “building” process. The older 2nd generation Threadripper models would have 32 cores across 4 CPU dies, this would be where the memory is located and controlled. Cores are separate processing units that read and execute program instructions. The 2nd generation had two dies with direct memory access, and two without. This configuration at the time, was brilliant for adaptability.

With the latest 3rd generation Threadripper series, this process has been improved. By giving all 4 CPU dies direct access memory, rather than having to go through separate dies using memory controllers. AMD created the 3rd generation to provide equal memory access to every core in the system. The new design of this AMD Threadripper, uses one large die called the IO die. This particular die handles all of the communication between all the other CPUs in the system. Surrounding the IO die, are 4 memory channels which connect to 4 CPU chips. Each of these contain 6 or 8 cores, which create a total of 24 or 32 cores depending on the model type.

All of these components are connected by Infinity Fabric. This is a system created by AMD which handles data and controls the transmission across all linked components. It’s basically a high-performance fabric that uses sensors embedded in each die to allow information to flow.

By having this set up, it allows all of the CPUs to be able to access memory at the same time and bandwidth, this makes everything run much faster and smoother.

So that’s how AMD Threadripper works, we hope you’re still with us! Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some more information about Threadripper.

Who would use an AMD Threadripper?

For the average person, the information above could seem slightly overwhelming. But all you need to know is that AMD Threadripper provides users with a high-end, no compromise processor with high clock speed and single thread performance. Put simply: its fast. Especially for heavy duty computing tasks such as rendering, coding and gaming.

If you’re asking yourself “Do I need AMD Threadripper?”, first you need to decipher what type of tasks you use your PC for. Standard day to day programs like Microsoft Word or internet browsing could benefit from updating to Threadripper, but might not be worth the high price-tag.

However, if you use intense editing software or conduct heavy-duty rendering tasks, then you’ll notice the difference between a standard processor and an AMD Ryzen Threadripper. The way that they are designed provide users with reliable and predictable experiences. With up to 16 cores and 32 threads, having Threadripper for your PC means you can multitask between different projects like Ultra HD video editing, streaming and even 3D rendering – all at the same time.

Having Threadripper for your PC allows you to unleash creativity, without being limited due to technical constraints. According to AMD, Threadripper is the most powerful processor available today that is accessible for a consumer desktop. Before Threadripper was developed, you would only be able to access this amount of power and high performance on specialist workstations. This means that you won’t need a dual-system set-up in order to smoothly run multiple applications on your PC.

So, put simply, depending on what you use your computer for, having AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor can increase productivity and efficiency for your workloads. If you’re constantly fighting with your computer to complete certain tasks, then choosing Threadripper for your PC could save you time and stress.  

Which PC systems use Threadrippers?

This question is a complicated one. If you’re planning on building your own PC, then anything is possible, provided you have the free time and cash to do it. Building your own PC is a whole different kettle of fish and is usually something only tech-fans take on. If you’d like to learn more about building your own computer, read this article here. (insert link).

Adding your own Threadripper to a PC system isn’t too complicated if you know what you’re doing. There are plenty of guides online to show you how to customise components in your PC. However, this process can be daunting for individuals who are not confident with handling computer parts, especially when dealing with an expensive piece of equipment. It’s vital that you conduct plenty of research before you dive-in, and make sure that Threadripper is compatible with your current PC.

Once you’re familiar with how to customise your PC, AMD Threadripper is easy to install into your computer. AMD even has a step by step video guide to show you how to insert it properly. When you buy a Threadripper, it comes with all the components you’ll need for a safe installation, such as a specially designed torc-wrench. This piece of kit has been adapted to ensure the correct amount of pressure is used to secure the Threadripper chip into place.

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However, for people who can’t build their own PC, buying a pre-built one is the next best thing. Of course, the big question is: which PC systems use AMD Threadripper? Most modern computers can handle AMD Threadripper, apart from a few well-known brands like Apple which currently uses totally different processors.

High-end workstation or PC towers, from Apple, H-P and Dell, exclusively use Intel Xeon CPUs. This means that finding a pre-built computer that incorporates an AMD Threadripper into those PC’s is virtually impossible. There are great brands that have partnered with AMD to offer users the best of both worlds, such as Lenovo, which has incorporated Threadripper technology into selected PC towers. There are also many places where you can purchase a pre-built PC which includes AMD Threadripper. You can buy the AMD Threadripper at online tech retailers – and at Ebuyer we have a fantastic selection of AMD Threadrippers, all at great prices and finance options available.

Depending on where you shop, a pre-built PC allows you to customise your components entirely, so you can choose the best computer for you. Rest assured you can easily find PC set ups which incorporate impressive AMD Threadripper technology, without having the tech know-how.

Is AMD Threadripper expensive?

To the average person, Threadripper could be seen as “pricey”. AMD Threadripper packages are priced at over £800, and that can go up into the thousands depending on which model you’re looking at. The price is expensive, especially when you take into consideration that it doesn’t come with a complete computer – it’s just a component for a computer.

However, the AMD Threadripper isn’t really aimed at people who just use their computer for the odd spot of browsing and sending emails. This processor range is aimed at those who need a reliable, high performing PC for intense design tasks, rendering or video editing. If you’re a freelance creator, purchasing AMD Threadripper for your computer could highly increase your productivity and help you meet deadlines much faster.

AMD Threadripper for your PC should be seen as an investment for your creative career. If you’re constantly being frustrated at your computer for not being able to complete tasks fast enough or you need to be able to multitask different heavy-duty applications, then Threadripper is a good way to go. Although the starting price point can seem over-the top, it’s important to remember that Threadripper technology is some of the best in the world of processors. If your workloads or projects require reliable and high-performance processors, you won’t be disappointed by what AMD has to offer.

Can I use AMD Threadripper for Gaming?

Firstly, we all know that gaming upgrades are a personal preference. There are tons of opinions online all talking about what upgrades to make in order to improve your gaming experience. There’s no doubt that adding a Threadripper to your gaming PC could give you a boost for your daily gaming adventures. However… these high-end multi-core, multi-thread Threadripper processors are incredibly efficient if you’re creating content, rendering 3D graphics and running programs which require multiple threads. They’ve not really been designed to offer great gaming. If you’re wanting to improve your gaming quality, you might be better choosing a high-quality graphics card instead from trusted brands Nvidia and even AMD. This could be a less expensive and more efficient way to improve your gaming experience. That being said, if you plan on multitasking whilst gaming, for example playing games whilst rendering 3D graphics, then the Threadripper range is a great option.

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Should I buy AMD Threadripper?

Spending money on a new processor is a personal choice, and it comes down to if you feel that you can benefit from such a powerful computer. The AMD Threadripper range provides an impressive, reliable and powerful performance for those who create graphics or edit high quality videos.

If you feel like your computer isn’t meeting the mark when you need it most, then Threadripper could be a great solution. No longer will you have the urge to throw your PC out of the window when waiting for a rendering task to finish. Threadripper can make it a seamless and stress-free experience!

Although the price can be off-putting for some, having Threadripper can make your working life or personal projects more enjoyable and easier to complete. The pure power and capabilities of the AMD Threadripper range is definitely impressive, providing you use it to its full potential. And then we think it’s well worth the price!

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