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human fighting robot

Humans fight back

Robotic march to world domination halted.  Kind of. Robots can flip burgers, fly planes, and crush the best human players at GO.  The advances in artificial intelligence have left us all glancing over our shoulders ...
Gamers at insomnia

Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat

A History of Insomnia Sonisphere, Knebworth, 2009. That’s when I lost my festival virginity. I was such an impressionable young soul back then, so pure and full of wonder. I can clearly remember how Linkin ...
why you need a gaming pc

Why you need a gaming PC

Gaming PC or console? It’s a debate which rages across the internet with proponents of each device vehement in their support and scathing about gamers who don’t agree with their view.  Actual numbers are hard ...
ebuyer and vexed gaming

Ebuyer Team Up

Ebuyer are proud to announce our new partnership with Vexed Gaming. Vexed are a professional multi-gaming organisation. Established in 2015, the organisation has already attended two CS:GO Majors (ESL One Cologne and Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca) and ...
esports goes to college

eSports goes to college

The University of Utah has become the latest and most high-profile college in the United States to offer an eSports scholarship programme.  The university, colloquially known as ‘The U’, will field competitive teams in a ...

Gaming and SSDs

In a previous post we outlined some of the various reasons you should look at upgrading your storage with an SSD. Now we’re going to take a look at some of the ways in which ...
nba 2k eleague

eSports joins the big leagues

Whatever your view on eSports, and there is a very definite split between gamers and those bewildered by the whole phenomenon, there is no denying the worldwide appeal of electronic sports. Gaming tournaments are played ...

What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming isn’t just about what’s on screen. To get the best and most immersive gaming experience you need to create the ideal environment.  That includes your rig, the lighting, the sound and…..the chair. The gaming ...

The Best Games of 2016

2016 has been another exciting and budget-busting year for gaming, if not a little erratic… From a summer Pokemon craze to a mammoth, yet majestic, space flop with No Man’s Sky and additions to the ...

What’s next for VR?

The era of virtual reality is with us… again… with a number of big-brand devices launched and launching in 2016, this year could be seen as the breakthrough VR needed. From the high-end PlayStation VR, ...

Ebuyer Announce Esports deal

We are delighted to announce a partnership deal with one of the UK’s leading eSports teams-  FMESPORTS. It will be Ebuyer’s first official route into the world of professional eSports. The sponsorship deal which starts ...