The All-in-One Acer Desktop is one of the latest innovations in the computing industry. These desktops are a single stop solution for those looking for a personal computer that comes assembled in a single unit, i.e. without the need for a separate case and Acer Monitor display. The all-in-one desktop is unique as it takes precious little space in your living area. This not only helps you reduce cable clutter but also allows you to fit your home or office computer into a smaller compact area.


  • Touch HD

  • Amazing 3D

  • 3D focus

  • Green

Touch HD

Explore the fun of touch: Adjust the screen as you wish and lock it into position or mount it on the wall.1 Favorite movie moments are even more touching with Full HD resolution, superb contrast and fast response. Connect to other devices with USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI® or DVI ports.1

Amazing 3D

Experience amazing depth and clarity: Acer's 3D lineup features some of the world's first widescreen monitors to support NVIDIA® 3D LightBoost™ technology, producing an image that's two times brighter; and groundbreaking Vision® 2 glasses, which sync wirelessly with Acer 3D monitors to deliver a truly believable and immersive 3D experience.1

3D focus

Get the full enjoyment of Full HD with the detailed imagery of select 3D monitors, which deliver 1920 x 1080 resolution. Motion blurring is virtually a thing of the past thanks to blazing-fast response times. Acer Adaptive Contrast management enables amazingly high contrast ratios, so everything you see is stunning.1


Touch & 3D Series monitors are RoHS compliant and mercury free. You'll see power savings of up to 68% thanks to advanced Acer EcoDisplay technologies and white LED backlighting,1 which cut your costs and conserve the earth's resources. Acer also uses recyclable packaging to further reduce ecological impact.