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For a wide range of companies - particularly those in retail - barcode scanners/readers are a vital piece of equipment as they allow data contained on a barcode to be fed into a till, computer or other host device.
Among the various barcode readers you can choose from is the Honeywell MS9590 VoyagerGS. Featuring an ergonomic design that aims to reduce fatigue for users, this handheld device is ideal for use in shops, as well as offices.


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Wasp WCS3905 CCD Barcode Scanner

  • One-touch scanning
  • Aggressive 200 scans / second decode rate
  • Maximum barcode scanning width of 3.25"
  • 45 scans per second decode rate

£ 65.99  inc. vat

£88.98save £22.99

£54.99 ex. vat

£74.15save £19.16
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QuickFind: 146529   |   Mfr part code: 633808502935

Zebra LS1203 Handheld Barcode Scanner Black - 50 Pack

  • Durable, single-board construction
  • RS232, USB, KBW (keyboard wedge) in one scanner
  • Sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Intuitive scanning and plug-and-play capability
  • Choice of triggered or continuous mode

QuickFind: 194321   |   Mfr part code: LS1203-7UB50

£ 599.99  inc. vat

£499.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 195951   |   Mfr part code: RS507-IM20000CTWR


  • Wide working range
  • Bluetooth-enabled cordless scanning
  • Rugged design
  • Bright LED and beeper with adjustable volume
  • Multi-point communication

£ 454.98  inc. vat

£379.15 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 203848   |   Mfr part code: LS3578-ER20005WR

Zebra DS6707 SR Wired Handheld Barcode Scanner Black - USB Kit

  • 6 ft./1.8m drop specification
  • 1.3 Megapixel imaging
  • Multiple on-board interfaces
  • RSM Ready

£ 245.99  inc. vat

£204.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 203888   |   Mfr part code: DS6707-SRBU0100ZR

Zebra LS4208 Handheld Barcode Scanner Black - Coiled USB Kit

  • 1D, PDF and composite code scanning
  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern
  • Superior motion tolerance
  • Wide working range
  • Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

£ 157.98  inc. vat

£131.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 203895   |   Mfr part code: LS4208-SBZU1200ZR

Datalogic Gryphon I GM4130 Wireless Portable Barcode scanner Kit

  • Point-to-point and multi-point transmission
  • Datalogic's patented 2-position cradle with scan-while-charging...
  • Datalogic's patented 'green spot' for good-read feedback

£ 387.99  inc. vat

£323.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 206628   |   Mfr part code: GM4130-BK-433K1

Zebra DS6878-SR Wireless Portable Barcode scanner

  • Comprehensive advanced data capture
  • Superior high performance scanning on all bar codes
  • Superior durability
  • Lightweight ergonomic design

£ 345.99  inc. vat

£288.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 225508   |   Mfr part code: DS6878-SR20007WR

Honeywell Voyager 1200g Handheld Barcode Scanner - USB

  • Outstanding scan performance on poor quality and damaged bar codes...
  • Automatic in-stand detection and configuration
  • Superior out-of-box experience simplifies set up

£ 121.98  inc. vat

£101.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 264255   |   Mfr part code: 1200G-2USB-1

Honeywell 1900gHD-2USB - Xenon Black USB Kit PDF417 inc.cable

  • Custom sensor optimized for bar code scanning
  • Three focal options
  • Image processing software
  • TotalFreedom 2.0 development platform
  • Remote MasterMind scanner management software

£ 224.99  inc. vat

£187.49 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 273455   |   Mfr part code: 1900GHD-2USB

£ 734.99  inc. vat

£612.49 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 273995   |   Mfr part code: DS3508-DP20005R

Zebra DS457 Fixed Mounted Imager Black

  • Combination 1-D and 2-D bar code scanning
  • Powerful 624 MHz processor
  • Withstands multiple 30 176cm drops to concrete
  • Scan virtually any bar code on any medium
  • Omni-directional scanning

£ 283.98  inc. vat

£236.65 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 277498   |   Mfr part code: DS457-SR20009

£ 269.99  inc. vat

£224.99 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 278965   |   Mfr part code: DS6708-SR20007NSR

Datalogic Gryphon BT4400 Black BT 2D Barcode Reader - Scanner Only

  • Bluetooth Wireless technology
  • Omnidirectional reading
  • Datalogic's patented 'Green Spot' for good-read feedback

£ 327.99  inc. vat

£273.32 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 369435   |   Mfr part code: GBT4400-BK

Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4130 Barcode scanner

  • Includes Scanner, Base/Charger BC4030-WH-BT, and Cable 90A051945...

£ 352.98  inc. vat

£294.15 ex. vat

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QuickFind: 369472   |   Mfr part code: GBT4130-WH-BTK1

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Similarly, the Honeywell 3800G can offer an effective way to scan products and comes with Adaptus imaging technology.

The pen-like Wasp WWR 2905 allows for invoices, membership cards and other items that contain barcodes to be read easily, with the scanned data quickly appearing on screen.