Corporate Responsibility

As the leading independent online electrical retailer, our corporate policy is to always offer the best deals to our customers. However, we recognise the importance of social responsibility, whether that is within the environment, in the local community, or simply the impact of technology.

Promoting Technology

Education is part of technology

Ebuyer understand the importance of educating people about how technology can benefit them, and has, and will continue, to carry out projects that work towards this.

We work closely with local schools and colleges to promote technology and have introduced a new apprentice scheme which has been a huge success. Our support for educational establishments has seen us donate a full I.T suite for a local school for children and young adults with special educational needs.

Employee Responsibility

Customers are our number one priority

At Ebuyer employees know that not only is it their responsibility to carry out their day-to-day role, but also to oversee and ensure customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and open up our social media channels for customer queries, as well as traditional methods such as e-notes, e-mail and telephone. So this becomes not only the job of customer services, but the entire company to ensure customers are responded to in a timely and efficient manner. All our staff are based in-house at our East Yorkshire HQ. There are no overseas call centres and no long queues to speak to one of our highly trained specialists.

Going Green

We look after our environment

For the environment section our main objectives have included reviewing the type of lighting in the warehouse, looking at waste streams to minimise what we throw away and looking more closely at what we can do in office to recycle and reduce the likes of heating, printing and electricity where we can.

In the warehouse all waste cardboard is collected on an automated conveyor belt and baled ready for removal, this can also be used for any packaging that may come from the offices. All waste is then sent to recycling companies, not landfills.