Introducing HP Instant Ink

Get ink delivered to your door for free for 12 months.

Up to 300 Pages a month free.

How HP Instant Ink works:


Purchase a qualifying HP Printer.

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Use your ink for all your printing needs.

With HP Instant Ink, your printer lets us know when you need ink. So you’ll always get ink before you run out.


Ink arrives at your door.

Shipping, ink and recycling are included for 12 months after printer purchase.

Benefits of HP Instant Ink:

Colour or black and white? It’s all the same.

Your monthly HP Instant Ink payment is based on the number of pages you print. Not the amount or type of ink you use. Print in colour to give those reports some zing.

Never run out of ink again.

You need to print that important report but there’s no ink. We’ve all been there. But you’ll never have this issue again with HP Instant Ink. Your printer notifies us when it’s getting low on ink. And we’ll instantly send you more. You don’t have to do anything. Just carry on printing.

Change or cancel your plan. Any time.

You’re not tied to your plan. If you need to print more or less you can change your plan and payment at any time from HP Instant Ink account page.

Once you’ve completed your 12 months free trial of instant ink it’s time to pick the plan that suits your needs:

Infrequent Printing Plan Occasional Printing Plan Moderate Printing Plan Frequent Printing Plan Business Printing Plan
Monthly Price £0.99 £1.99 £3.49 £9.99 £22.49
Pages/Month 15 pages 50 pages 100 pages 300 pages 700 pages
Additional Pages 10 pages for £1 15 pages for £1 20 pages for £1 25 pages for £1 20 pages for £1
Rollover Unused Pages N/A Up to 50 pages Up to 100 pages Up to 300 pages Up to 1400 pages

Qualifying Printers: