McAfee Internet Security & Total Protection 2014

We all need to protect our computers and files but every day we are at risk from email viruses and unsafe websites. With so much personal data being stored on our machines the daily threat to our computers has to be taken seriously.

Yet it is amazing how many of us fail to install security software or, if we do realise the risk, spend hours finding and downloading next to useless free anti-virus programmes.

But, considering the amount of money we invest in our IT equipment and how vulnerable it is to attack, it seems nonsensical to not invest in good security software.

And McAfee Total Protection 2014 is the leading name in anti-virus software and digital security.

Single Or Multi-User Licence

With McAfee Internet Security you can choose to buy a single licence to protect your PC or, if you have more than one computer, you can opt for the multi-user package.

Protect the whole family for a full year with just one purchase. This package includes licences for three separate machines so you can protect all the computers in the household. And at this price the cost of super-charging our security is minimal.

McAfee Delivers State Of The Art Protection

The ever changing nature of the threats aimed at our computers means that our security needs to be regularly updated. To combat the risks McAfee constantly updates their software to ensure you are safe from attack by virus, malware and spyware.

Protection From Sophisticated Attacks

Our computers are great multi-tasking machines. We use them to bank with, to buy goods with our credit cards, book our holidays and swap news on social media sites.

But when we are using an online payment processor or credit card we need to be certain that the data we are sending is secure and won't be intercepted by cyber thieves.

With McAfee Total Protection 2014 our data is protected and there is no risk of our sensitive financial information falling into the wrong hands.

Encrypted Storage

McAfee Total Protection software uses File Lock technology to create a safe digital vault for storing all your personal data. This vault can't be accessed by anyone else and your data is completely safe.

Safe Wi-Fi

Cyber thieves prey on unguarded Wi-Fi networks. But, with McAfee Total Protection 2014, all your passwords and files are safe even when you share your wireless network with other users.

Drive out Phishing

Most of us will be familiar with phishing. We receive countless fake emails and messages with clickable links. We only need to relax for a second and before we know it we have divulged passwords or credit card details. The problem of course is that phishing scams are becoming ever more sophisticated and harder to spot.

But the McAfee SiteAdvisor technology negates the danger of phishing attacks by blocking links received through fraudulent emails, instant messages and social networks.

Social Network

We all enjoy social networking and sharing our photos and other media. But sometimes sharing brings its own dangers.

McAfee Total Protection helps us out with some tools that takes the risk out of sharing links with friends. And we will still be protected in the future even if the social network gets hacked.

The Total Protection suite also includes a handy tool that shortens our links which makes sharing news with our friends so much easier and safer.

Reasons To Buy McAfee Total Protection

  • Protect your PC from virus and malware attacks
  • Easily block spam
  • Shop and bank online with no risk
  • Encrypted storage of passwords and personal information
  • Protect three PC's for a full year
  • Stay safe on social networking sites
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe
  • All McAfee Internet Security products can be purchased either as physical media or as an instant download
  • McAfee Total Protection 2014 - 3 User Licence

    The ultimate protection for up to three computers. For more information click here.

    McAfee Internet Security For MAC 2014

    Protect your iMac or MacBook with McAfee. For more information click here.

    McAfee Internet Security 2014 - 3 User Licence

    Comprehensive protection from Internet virus and malware. Multi-user licence. For more information click here.

    McAfee Total Protection 2014 - Single User

    The ultimate protection for one user. For more information click here.

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