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What is Smart Safety?

Use Smart Tech to ensure you have a safe home. A new generation of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors aim to keep you and your family safe. They are also smart enough to recognise and respond to real danger, gone are the days of blaring alarms when you burn your toast. These are all controllable away from home, using your phone.

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Why buy?

- Detects CO immediately
- Could potentially save lives
- Has a self-checking system

Safety Lighting

Link your detectors to your lights so you have a visual warning as well as an alarm sound.

Effort free testing

Smart detectors continually test themselves to ensure that they are working correctly which saves you a job. If they are not working correctly, you will be notified giving you peace of mind that your home is safe.


Whether you’re on holiday or at work if the detector senses smoke or carbon monoxide you will be sent a notification to your phone.

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