What is a 4k television?

4k television, also known as Ultra HD, is the highest resolution standard on the market, and though it seems hard to believe it’s a huge upgrade from Full HD TV.

To qualify as 4k, the resolution has to be in the range of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which comes in at over 8m pixels in total. With four times as many pixels as regular Full HD, these specs make for a cutting-edge viewing experience. While watching 4k TV, you’ll enjoy crisp, clear outlines, vivid colour, and with certain models you can enjoy 4k visuals with high refresh rates.

What is the best 4k TV?

We stock a wide selection of 4k TVs with screens ranging from 40” to 75”, all of which will transform TV time into something spectacular, but depending on your habits and hobbies, certain brands and models might be more suited to you.

LG 4k TVs are ideal for frequent gamers, as with almost no motion blur they’re perfect for fast-moving graphics, but if sound quality is your biggest concern then we suggest investing in a Panasonic. For those big boxset bingers who rely on Netflix and Amazon, we recommend a Smart TV, which takes all the stress out of accessing your favourite apps.

Is it worth getting a 4k TV?

You’re guaranteed to notice the improvement in both colour and contrast if you upgrade to a 4k TV. Even if you currently have an HD television, the enhanced quality of 4k will be obvious.

By purchasing a 4k TV, you can elevate all the on-screen entertainment you enjoy in your home: movies are more magical, sport is crystal clear, and gaming on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X will provide a truly immersive experience. From film fans and gamers, to families looking to upgrade their home entertainment system, a 4k TV offers unrivalled picture quality.

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