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From 29th March to 15th July 2024, buy between 1 and 30 qualifying notebooks from



After purchase, you can submit your application within 15 days of the purchase date.

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For any purchase, send us a qualifying trade-in notebook (no older than 10 years) within 15 days of receiving the email to pre-approve your request.



We will send your cashback reward within 30 days of your old device being approved.

Qualifying Products - processor Cashback Reward
AMD Ryzen 5, AMD Ryzen 7, and AMD Ryzen 5 pro laptops £100
AMD Ryzen 7 pro and above laptops, AMD Ryzen 5 pro and above workstations £200

Secure any opportunity with Windows 11 Pro

Keep data secured with built-in protections such as advanced encryption, robust network and system security, and intelligent safeguards against ever-evolving threats.

up to

in firmware attacks
up to

deployment time
up to

compatible with Windows 11 Pro

Advancing environmental sustainability at AMD

At AMD, we embrace the responsibility to help protect our planet and mitigate climate change through environmental programs and initiatives that extend across our value chain.

Product Energy Efficiency

energy efficient

increase in energy efficiency for AMD processors and accelerators powering servers for AI training and HPC from 2020-2025.

As of mid-2023, we are on track toward achieving 13.5x improvement in energy efficiency compared to 2020.

AMD GHG Emissions

amd ghg emissions

reduction in absolute GHG emissions from AMD operations by 2030 (base year 2020).

In 2022, we achieved a 19 percent reduction in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to 2020.

Suppliers GHG Emissions

energy efficient

of AMD direct manufacturing suppliers9 have public emissions reduction goals by 2025.

In 2022, 70 percent of these suppliers had public GHG goals.

Renewable Energy

energy efficient

of AMD direct manufacturing suppliers source renewable energy by 2025.

In 2022, 68 percent of these suppliers sourced renewable energy.


  1. Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. Compared to Windows 10 devices. Improve your day-to-day experience with Windows 11 Pro laptops, Principled Technologies, February, 2023.
  3. Device management is sold separately. It is not included in Windows 11 Pro.
  4. Commissioned study delivered by Forrester Consulting “The Total Economic Impact™ of Windows 11 Pro Devices”, December 2022. Note, quantified benefits reflect results over three years combined into a single composite organization that generates $1 billion in annual revenue, has 2,000 employees, refreshes hardware on a four-year cycle, and migrates the entirety of its workforce to Windows 11 devices.
  5. Since 2018, Desktop App Assure has worked with thousands of customers and evaluated almost 1.1 million apps with a 99.7 percent app compatibility rate. For that remaining 0.3 percent, the Desktop App Assure team will engage directly with you to get your apps running. Learn more.
  6. Includes AMD high-performance CPU and GPU accelerators used for AI training and high-performance computing in a 4-Accelerator, CPU-hosted configuration. Goal calculations are based on performance scores as measured by standard performance metrics (HPC: Linpack DGEMM kernel FLOPS with 4k matrix size. AI training: lower precision training-focused floating-point math GEMM kernels such as FP16 or BF16 FLOPS operating on 4k matrices) divided by the rated power consumption of a representative accelerated compute node, including the CPU host + memory and 4 GPU accelerators.
  7. EPYC-030a: Calculation includes 1) base case kWhr use projections in 2025 conducted with Koomey Analytics based on available research and data that includes segment specific projected 2025 deployment volumes and data center power utilization effectiveness (PUE) including GPU HPC and machine learning (ML) installations and 2) AMD CPU and GPU node power consumptions incorporating segment-specific utilization (active vs. idle) percentages and multiplied by PUE to determine actual total energy use for calculation of the performance per Watt. 13.5x is calculated using the following formula: (base case HPC node kWhr use projection in 2025 * AMD 2023 perf/Watt improvement using DGEMM and TEC +Base case ML node kWhr use projection in 2025 *AMD 2023 perf/Watt improvement using ML math and TEC) /(2020 perf/Watt * Base case projected kWhr usage in 2025). For more information,
  8. Reported data includes Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions (base year 2020). Based on AMD calculations that are third-party verified (limited level assurance).
  9. Manufacturing suppliers are suppliers that AMD buys from directly and that provide direct materials and/or manufacturing services to AMD.
  10. AMD calculations are third-party verified (limited level assurance) based on data supplied by our direct manufacturing suppliers which is not independently verified by AMD.
Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. Systems may equire upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers and/or software to take full advantage of Windows functionality. See