Personal or business, desktop or notebook, Apple have all your computing needs covered. Looking for a powerful desktop solution? The iconic iMac is the computer for you. Maybe you need top of the range portability? If so the MacBook is the Rolls Royce of laptops. Incredible feats of design and engineering both the iMac and MacBook are powered with the world's best operating system and the latest technology. Which one will you choose?


There is a saying that 'once you've used a Mac you'll never go back to a PC'. Spend a few minutes with the latest iMac and you'll know the truth of that statement. Eye catching design and powerful performance make the iMac the perfect desktop computer for the office or home.

A massive LED backlit screen, the most comfortable keyboard you will ever use and the innovative 'magic mouse' make the iMac the best looking computer you will ever see.

And the fourth generation Intel Core Processors combined with NVIDIA graphics, advanced storage systems, super-fast Wi-Fi and the brilliant OS X Mavericks operating system make the iMac the perfect desktop machine.

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MacBook Pro

Available with either a 13 or 15 inch screen the MacBook Pro with Retina display marries high catching design to advanced technology. On the train, in a coffee shop, in the office or at home this Apple laptop has the processing power to handle any task you set it.

The retina display is packed with millions of pixels to give the sharpest and brightest picture you have ever seen. It's better than a HD TV. Photos, videos and gaming graphics with unbelievable clarity make for an incredible viewing experience.

Very slim and light the MacBook Pro packs an awful lot of power into its slight frame. The OS X operating system is fuelled by Quad-Core Intel processers, flash storage and powerful apps. All of which makes the MacBook Pro an outstanding portable computer.

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MacBook Air

The ultimate in portable computing the Apple MacBook Air manages to combine top class design with powerful performance. Add cutting edge technology to the blend and you can see why the MacBook Air is the essential computer for both home and office. And, with an unbeatable 12 hour battery life, the MacBook Air will happily keep going no matter how hectic or intense your day is.

It isn't called the 'Air' for nothing. Less than an inch in height and weighing less than 2.4 pounds this computer is a marvel of technology. But it isn't just with its design that it will blow you away.

Whatever task you set the MacBook Air its powerful processors and graphics capability will meet it head on. And with all the apps you need for working or playing already included you will be ready to go as soon as you open the lid.

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