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AI cycle routes

AI cycle routes could cut inner city congestion

AI cycle routes? It's enough to have Boris purring with joy. BMW engineers in China have come up with a concept design for mobility in the future.  Dedicated roadways for electric bikes...
waymo self driving taxi

Self-driving taxis are now a thing

Waymo have taken a huge step forward in driverless car technology.  They are so confident in their cars they are launching a self-driving taxi fleet in Phoenix, Arizona.  And for the...
activating self driving mode

How will self-driving cars affect the law?

Autonomous vehicles have been in the news recently.  Trains, trucks, and even airplanes are driving or flying without human help.  Testing on self-driving cars has been extensive.  They are sure to...
rio tinto train

Is that an autonomous train coming down the tracks?

Mining company Rio Tinto have successfully trialled an autonomous train.  The 100 kilometre journey took place in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  The heavy haul train completed its journey with...
red trucks

Self-driving trucks: A waste of time?

We’ve talked about driverless buses and even pilotless airliners so we may as well complete the set.  Self-driving trucks are going to be tested on Britain’s roads in 2018.  The tests...
driverless buses in estonia

Driverless buses have a ticket to ride

Following on from our story on pilotless airliners automated transport is again in the news as driverless buses have taken to the roads of Tallinn. The project involving two buses was launched...