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Best Tablets for Travel

Part of my job involves travelling around the world reporting on the latest bleeding edge technology. It sounds glamorous, but in reality, it involves a lot of hours in economy class watching bad movies.  So ...

DIY Electric Bike

Electric bicycles are fast, fun and a damn site better for the environment than a car, however they are pretty pricey. So if you don’t fancy shelling out over £1000 for a battery powered bicycle, a ...

Bring your own device

After years of airlines upgrading their In-cabin entertainment, some sectors of the aviation industry have taken their first steps away from personal entertainment systems. The rise of WiFi and Smart devices has meant passengers can ...
Travel Safe with your gadgets

Keeping Gadgets Secure on Holiday

The average British holidaymaker packs £700 worth of electronics in their suitcase and hand luggage, according to research from LV=. It’s easy to get paranoid when you’re carrying around gadgets such as your smartphone, tablet, ...
Google Glass with Twist-on shades

Running with Google Glass

Last Saturday, I took the Google Glasses to the local 5k Parkrun event in Doncaster. While this wasn’t my first visit, I am not a expert runner, so it probably wasn’t the best weekend to ...

The Coolest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter website has been a hotbed for awesome tech start-ups; Oculus Rift, Pono and  Pebble to name but a few. So when I tell you the fifth-highest funded Kickstarter ever is a cooler, you ...

Essential Tech for Travelling

Essential Tech for Travelling Whether you’re a student about to embark on a gap year travelling around the World, or you’re using the InterRail to explore Europe, there are essential pieces of technology that you ...

Sat Navs and silky voices

Where would we be without the sat nav? Still attempting to negotiate our way to a destination? Sat navs have become such a day to day item some could argue the art of knowing where ...