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Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System
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Wi-Fi, pure and simple

Your home is uniquely yours, and that includes how you use your Wi-Fi.
With a Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi System, you can connect wherever and however you like.
Every corner in every room is covered (plus your garden!) so you can
connect simply and seamlessly throughout your home.

Add as many as nine units to a single Deco Network for additional Wi-Fi coverage - one unit covers up to 1800sq.ft, and three units will cover up to 4500sq.ft

TP-Link HomeCare™

HomeCare makes Deco the most secure Whole-Home Wi-Fi System with software powered by Trend Micro®.

Adaptive Antivirus

HomeCare provides malicious content filtering and intrusion prevention for your home network, as well as a quarantine functionality of infected devices.

Customisable QoS

Assign bandwidth to the devices you use the most. Simple controls also let you prioritise bandwidth for streaming, gaming, surfing, chatting or downloading.

Powerful Parental Controls

Simple, intuitive controls make it easy to keep your children safe online.

User Profiles
Create a custom profile for each family member

Filter Levels
One-touch security settings for blocking inappropriate content

Time Limits
Set limits on how long each member of the family can spend online

View which sites your children visit and how much time they spend on each

Deco includes three separate features in one device—seamless coverage, antivirus and parental controls.

Not only do you get strong Wi-Fi in every room of your home, you also get the most secure whole-home Wi-Fi with HomeCare protecting every device.

Protects every device from cyber threats.

Parental Controls
Keep your family safe while online.

Quality of Service
Choose which devices and applications get priority.

All Decos Can Work Together

Deco E3 is compatible with other Deco models to form Mesh network. Expand Mesh Wi-Fi coverage anytime by simply adding more Decos.

TP-Link ART™ (Adaptive Routing Technology)

ART keeps your network running as fast as possible by choosing the best path for each connection to follow. With its intelligent selection, ART takes the guesswork out of connecting by automatically assigning your devices to the best Deco unit and Wi-Fi band.

Setup so simple, it’s a stroke of genius

Install the app, unbox Deco and we will walk you through the rest. From Wi-Fi settings to placement, the Deco app assists you with everything to make setup a painless experience.

Robust Parental Controls
Manage content and control when each device can access the internet

Assisted Setup
The Deco app helps you easily find the ideal spot to place each unit

Check on the upload and download speeds of your network

3-Year Built-In Antivirus
Protect all connected devices in your home from viruses and malware

Review a monthly list of usage, blocked content and security threats

Quality of Service
Prioritise devices and applications for faster performance when needed