EMCS Case study


Independent alarm receiving centre (ARC)

Who are EMCS?

The company may be called East Midland’s Central Station, but they have nothing to do with railways. EMCS is the largest independent alarm receiving centre (ARC) in the UK.

Started in 1987, EMCS was founded by Terry Barge who later passed the business on to his son, Andrew. Based in Nottingham, EMCS provide alarm monitoring for customers across the country. Over the years, EMCS has remained at the forefront of the industry and continues to do so with significant investment.

Where does Ebuyer fit in?

EMCS IT manager Liam Patton says, “I had used Ebuyer in my personal life and knew that they offered a wide range of good quality technical goods. This, combined with the fact that Ebuyer provides a designated B2B account manager was very appealing.”

Account manager Jack Gibson works with EMCS, who joined with Ebuyer in 2015. “As soon as we have a new business client, I research them and try to find out exactly what their business provides. I like to know as much as I can about their tech requirements and what they’ve had in the past, so that I can help them make the right decisions.”

A dedicated account manager

Ebuyer has provided various hardware solutions from refurbished PC's, desktops, laptops and TVs to EMCS. “Of course,” continues Jack, “we supply a huge variety of tech, but if more specialist technical advice is needed, we can provide that too. If I don’t have the answer myself, we have a team of tech experts in the same building who I can talk to quickly. Getting information to clients fast is really important to them and us!”

Liam says that they have an excellent relationship and communicate regularly. “I have spoken to Jack via email and over the phone regularly over the past 2-3 years. He is reactive, resourceful and has a good knowledge of our business.

“Jack has assisted in sourcing equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic and used internal resources to quote for a major database overhaul,” continues Liam. “We’ve built up a good rapport as Jack has gained an understanding of the business – and by extension, the business requirements. With a dedicated account manager, the system is much less cumbersome – now I can email or phone Jack directly.”