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About Hannspree

Hannspree prides itself on developing products that stand out from the crowd. Using its leading LCD technologies, Hannspree lets you enjoy individuality and personal style with extraordinary designs that appeal to everyone. These unique and affordable luxury products mean your TV will be a part of your way of life.

Hannspree TVs and monitors combine design excellence, the finest quality build materials and surface-finishing processes and push the boundaries of the expected. This includes the '360 Difference', where each set is designed to be a multi-dimensional 360° work of art. With great aesthetics whether viewing from the front, back or sides, a Hannspree model looks good even if you place it in the middle of a room.

Hannspree XV

The Hannspree XV range continues the brand's quality and refinement with TVs that bring you elegance and simplicity, as well as a range of functions and user-friendly interface.

HANNSG is a subsidiary of the Hannstar Display Corporation in Taiwan, one of the world's largest panel manufacturers and producer of various components used in the display industry. Hannstar produces LCD display, TV and notebook panels for many of the world's leading brands.

Hannspree monitors fall under the Hanns.G brand. These monitors push boundaries and are based on lifestyle aesthetics and the result of advanced technology precision manufacturing and meticulous attention to detail.

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Hannspree Televisions

Combining great design and advanced technologies, Hannspree's TVs boast the latest innovations in audio and video so you can expect powerful sound and crisp, accurate images from your home cinema experience.

Hannspree TVs utilise ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology with the most advanced LCD panel design, a 3D comb filter, ADC and gamma correction technologies, DCDi (Directional Correlation Deinterlacing) with progressive scanning, Digital Noise Reduction and 10-bit video processing technologies.

For you, this means you can enjoy consistent colour tone, clear contrast values, natural, lifelike details and excellent viewing from a variety of angles, even in low-light conditions.

The SK Series

Hannspree's SK series of televisions offers a minimalistic design and superior AV performance with quality reinforced glass base.

Not only does this range look good but the SK TVs feature PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and Time Shift functions so you won't miss your favourite programs. For unparalleled entertainment you can expect automatic ambient light sensor and 24P reality theatre mode as well as HD and Dolby Digital certified speakers - enjoy Blu-Ray and DVD films or play HD video games on your PS3 and Xbox 360.

The SL Series

Hannspree's LED TV range, the SL series, comes with style and function. Behind the eye-catching black mirror finish, metallic silver trim and reinforced glass base, you'll find a range of features. The SL TVs have PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and Time Shift functions so you won't miss another thing. They also feature automatic ambient light sensor and 24P reality theatre mode; state-of-the-art high definition; and HDMI connectivity for a range of devices such as game consoles and Blu-Ray players.

The SL Series also boasts environmentally friendly credentials - a new generation power-saving edge-lit LED backlight technology and reduced power consumption by 30% when compared to traditional TVs.

Hannspree Monitors

Hanns.G monitors have been designed so that they not only feature advanced technologies, but also a range of styles to choose from. They provide user-friendly interface, clean design and exceptional quality.

Go Beyond

The core value of the Hanns.G brand is to go beyond perfection and exceed expectations. Every product from Hanns.G is the result of advanced technology and precision manufacturing processes. Hanns.G guarantees best quality LCD displays using highest quality LCD panels. The monitors feature an outer frame with high gloss finish and arc contours, and a monitor stand that is easily installed without any tools. The monitors can also be wall mounted if space is at a premium.