Smart Office Devices

At home or in the office, work smart with ThinkSmart! In these unusual times it’s more essential than ever to work smart. To keep in touch with your colleagues, and to collaborate on your workflow. To find clever ways to organise your time and tasks. Meetings and more have been made so much easier with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart range. From personal organisation to putting everyone in the same virtual room, Lenovo’s ThinkSmart range offers a solution for all.

ThinkSmart Hub 500

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms, which makes for more efficient meetings. Whether you're hosting or attending, the Hub 500 means getting together for work is much easier.

Start meetings on time every time with one simple tap of your finger. Hear what everyone has to say, loud and clear. With the highly efficient and user-friendly ThinkSmart Hub 500 you’ll see a difference to your productivity-and bottom line.


ThinkSmart View

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your very own personal assistant? Well, in a way that’s exactly what you get with the Lenovo ThinkSmart View. It’s a fully collaborative ‘personal productivity assistant’ designed to get you working smarter and more efficiently.

The Lenovo ThinkSmart View is a fully-dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms device which works by handling all of your voice and video conferencing calls, content viewing and communication tasks. So your desktop PC or laptop can be used solely to tackle your other tasks. Working smarter like this is a great way to ensure total productivity!


Introducing Microsoft Teams Rooms

Streamlining the work experience in these strange times, Microsoft Teams Rooms has helped the world prioritise. You can join in meetings and conference calls with ease, thanks to the highly user-friendly Teams platform and interface. Microsoft Teams Rooms Displays bring together your favorite Teams features: chat, meetings, calls, calendar, and files into one single device. Integrating a Microsoft Teams Rooms device into your job’s daily toolbox is the smart way to work smart!

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