Lenovo Tablet PCs

With the growth of portable computing more and more of us are using a tablet PC. They are easy to use and can be carried in a bag and, with the amazing array of apps and programmes available for them, tablet PCs are replacing, or at least supplementing, laptops for many of us.

High specification tablet PCs

Many Lenovo tablet PCs are available with the latest version of Windows which allows cross platform use which is especially useful for business users. And, with the growing number of apps, Windows tablets no longer lag that far behind Android models. Away from the operating system Lenovo tablet PCs boast high performance Intel processors, responsive touch screens and plenty of flash and RAM memory. With their larger screens Lenovo tablets are easy to work on and are, of course, great for watching movies when you have some down time. With their ultra-portability Lenovo tablet PCs can be taken anywhere and their long-lasting batteries means they will keep going no matter how long your commute or coffee shop meeting.

Built in extras

You will find plenty of extra features and functionality on a Lenovo tablet PC with built in Bluetooth, integrated webcam, detachable keyboard and face recognition software offered on many models.