About Sony

One of the biggest names in electronics and technology Sony have been producing ground breaking products since the 1950s. Now Sony are of course a household name and are synonymous with their innovative and best-selling games console the Playstation.

But there is much more to Sony than just the Playstation. And here at Ebuyer.com we stock a wide selection of Sony products including cameras, projectors and televisions. And of course the latest incarnation of the Sony Playstation.

Here on Ebuyer.com we stock many other Sony products including a range of high-quality computer monitors and stunning flat panel display screens. But there are also some incredible audio gear including wireless speakers and some unbelievably powerful headphones.

Sony Camcorders

Sony Camcorders are now smaller, lighter and more stylish than ever. With large internal memory capacities capable of recording in full 1080p HD quality along with advanced built in technology powering features such as SteadyShot image stabilisation, touch screen editing and face detection, a camcorder from the Sony Camcorders range is more desirable than ever. Sony's HD camcorders boast smart features and high quality lenses for superior pictures without the high price tag.

Compact Camcorders

Choose from a wide range of Sony compact camcorders such as the Handycam. This innovative camcorder makes it easier to record high quality videos. It features professional-quality lenses and advanced image processors so you get optimum picture performance.

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Pocket Camcorders

Sony pocket camcorders are perfect for capturing instant and spontaneous moments while you are out and about. Take the Bloggie™ Mobile HD Snap Camera range. Not only can you capture special moments on the go, but you can add them to the web in just a few clicks using in-built software. Easy, fun and complete with Full HD video too, Bloggie has an intuitive LCD touch screen.

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Sony Digital Cameras

Sony are as well known for their great cameras as they are for their gaming consoles. Whether you are looking for a compact model or more advanced Digital SLR Sony will produce the camera you need.

Stylish and powerful these cameras produce stunning images and whether you are an experienced snapper or complete novice you will find these cameras easy to use. We can all take great photos with a Sony camera.

Compact Cameras

Available in a multitude of designs and colours, the Sony Cyber-shot™ compact digital camera series lets you choose exactly what you want from your compact. From a compact camera that offers basic features, to a high performance camera, you'll find the one for you. For all round performance plus style, choose from the W500 range. These compact and powerful cameras come with smart features and easy-to-use controls.

If you're looking for high performance, then the H70 is for you. It comes with a powerful Optical Zoom, 3D photos and Full HD movies and lets you take your photography and filming to a new level. If you want your camera and your pictures to look good, the TX10 is sleek, slim and stylish, and takes great photos too. It features touch-screen LCD, Full HD movie recording and the Exmor R™ CMOS sensor.

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Digital SLR

Sony DSLR cameras bring you superior images and ultra-fast shooting responses. Get creative with your shots and take advantage of interchangeable A-mount lenses, a bright, clear optical viewfinder and powerful features. For those new to the world of digital SLR, the Sony SLT-35 is the perfect entry level DSLR. Making photography simple and fun, the SLT-35 lets you capture stunning images as well as HD videos, without the bulk and weight of a standard DSLR.

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Sony Projectors

Sony projectors are great for businesses as well as those looking to create an ultimate home cinema system.

The top of the range projectors from Sony feature advanced functionality and professional quality projection from up to 7000 Lumens. They are ideal for use in any environment and for commercial displays.

Sony's entry level business projectors are affordable and perfect for a small business or smaller sized meeting rooms, while Sony projectors for education are reliable, easy to use and economical, and work well in the classroom.

Sony leads the way in Digital Cinema Projection and you can experience Full HD for screens as large as 300 inches. Sony Home Cinema projectors come with plenty of innovative features and technologies so you really can experience cinematic entertainment at home. Watch films and sports and enjoy gaming with images that deliver vivid detail and smooth action.

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Sony Televisions

Sony is globally renowned for its televisions. The Sony brand stands for exceptional quality and advanced technology and the Sony TVs range is no different- a comprehensive collection with fantastic quality and features and specifications that are aimed to satisfy every conceivable need.

Sony Full HD TVs include cinematic LED TVs and class-leading 3D TVs in a variety of sizes such as the 40" KDL-40EX524 for family entertainment and the 22" KDL-22EX320 - the perfect slim model for a second room. Full HD has up to four times the resolution of a standard TV. It brings crisp, clearer and more detailed high-definition images. Sony HD TV sets come with up to four high definition HDMI® inputs, as well as USB connectivity, so you can add extra devices such as your Blu-ray player, DVD player, games console digital camera and compatible MP3 players.

Sony LED TVs, including the Bravia range, feature advanced LED backlighting systems, superior picture quality and sound for a totally cinematic viewing experience. The LED backlighting technology ensures high contrast and richer colour. You will also discover lower energy consumption from the lighter, thinner screen.

Go for a Sony TV if its quality that you are looking for. Entry level models are affordable while for the true entertainment lover, there are higher spec models, designed to give an experience of a lifetime. Sony's move into the 3D TV market is proving to be a great hit, with amazing products available in many sizes. Couple any of these Sony 3D TVs to a 3D Blu-ray player and watch films in an amazing new dimension.

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Sony Gaming

The Playstation is the best-selling gaming console and has sold millions of units all around the world. Stunning graphics, incredible game-play, mega-fast processors and customised memory make the Playstation the must-have console for all serious gamers.

The Playstation has introduced many innovative features to the console gaming market including unique personalised content and automatic background updates. Another terrific feature is 'play as you download'. Purchase a game from the official Playstation store and you can play the game even as you are downloading the game.

And here at Ebuyer.com we have some amazing Playstation deals. Look out for our bargain bundles with which you can pick up the latest console including packaged games, controllers and other bonuses.

Sony PSP

The Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) lets you play games, watch videos, listen to music and look at your photos whenever you like with your friends and family. The Sony PSP is a stylish device that also features a TV-out socket, which allows you to display content on your television. Sony is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring gaming to the masses and now you can get the gaming features from the PSP in the new Sony mobile phone handset.

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Sony PS3

Sony PlayStation 3 brings you interactive video gaming. Watch Blu-ray, high definition films, store your music, video and photos easier and enjoy free access to the PlayStation Network, meaning you can either play against your mate in your front room or a challenger on the other side of the world. It gets even better with the new lighter and smaller PlayStation 3 Slim that features a much larger 120GB hard drive and a whole host of features.

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Sony PS Vita

It's not even available yet but the Sony PS Vita is already causing a buzz. The latest games console from Sony is due for launch early 2012 and has been touted as a gamer's dream platform with top performance and graphics.

Its high performance CPU/GPU plus OLED screen will allow for striking, market leading graphics. Easy to hold, it will feature a rear touch pad as well as front touchscreen and additional features such as front and rear cameras, dual analogue sticks, three motion sensors, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and an electronic compass. PS Vita will have connection to 3G and Wi-Fi and access to Playstation Network.

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