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Laser Printers

If you are looking for something a little faster than an inkjet and better able to handle extended print runs, you should seriously consider a laser printer. Ideal for busy environments like schools and businesses, laser printers are also well suited to those home offices that require heavy print use.

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Showing 46 - 52 of 52 results

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Whether you're looking to pick up a laser printer for a busy office or the home, we stock the best laser printers that'll keep your print-outs crisp and clear. What's more, these laser printers deliver excellent reliability and cost-efficiency - perfect for any printing task. With a laser jet printer, you'll have fast, reliable printing right at your fingertips, with fantastic results every time. So don't compromise on quality - shop laser jet printers at ebuyer today and discover the best laser jet printer for your workspace.

Efficient and Effective Laser Printers

Ebuyers range of laser printers is full of impressive models from leading printer manufacturers, including Canon, Brother and HP. There are devices to suit every budget and situation, whether you are in the market for a low-cost mono printer or a commercial-grade full colour model.

There are many advantages to owning a laser printer, the most obvious of which is cost. Though they require a slightly higher initial outlay for the machine and toner, laser printers usually end up paying for themselves through lower running costs and impressive cost per page values.

The Nitty-Gritty

As we've mentioned already, laser printers are faster when compared to other types such as inkjet printers and dot matrix printers. Hi-end monochrome models can print over 200 pages per minute while if you want colour, then they can turn-out over 100 pages every sixty seconds. Faster printing means your business is being more productive and cost-efficient. That's why they are perfect for busy office settings where high-volume print jobs are needed. Although laser printers are generally more expensive than inkjet printers, long-term cost savings for high-volume operations mean it has a distinct commercial advantage.

Laser Quality

Laser printers produce high-quality printing with finer texts and sharper graphics than their counterparts. It is worth noting that dot matrix printers are way behind when it comes to the printing of sharp text. Inkjet printers can print high-quality copy and graphics, but it is only their hi-end models which are able to compete with the quality of a laser printer.

What Ink Do Laser Printers Use?

People often use laser printers as an alternative to inkjet printers because of their faster printing speed and the fact that they have a lower cost per page. For those who need to print high volumes, one cartridge of toner can print thousands of pages, which is a lot more than what an ink cartridge can produce. However, laser printers are different because they need toner and not ink. Laser printers do not use ink at all. The use of toner is what makes these printers faster and easier to use.

What is Toner?

Toner is a completely different technology to ink. It is made up of an ultra-fine powder which consists of plastic and iron particles which melt to the paper with special heated rollers called a fuser unit. Zero ink means nothing to 'ËÅ"dry up'. With a laser printer, you can take that long holiday knowing that you will have a working printer when you get back.

At ebuyer, we stock a wide range of Laser Printers suitable for both business and personal use. Find your perfect printer using the filters on the left of the screen. With ebuyer you always get fast delivery and low prices.