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How to play music collections stored on Synology NAS on AirPlay devices

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Your Synology NAS server is designed to serve as your multimedia center, and brings you a new type of entertainment experience. One key feature is the ability to stream your music collections directly to AirPlay devices such as Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled stereo systems. You no longer need to confine yourself to your computer: enhance your user experience with more freedom and new options for controlling your music.

This article will guide you through the steps to play music collections stored on Synology NAS on Airplay devices. All you need is the remote of your Apple TV (or mobile device with DS audio installed) to enjoy the music.

1. Before you start

This article assumes that you have done the following tasks for your DiskStation:

  • Hardware installation for Synology DiskStation.
  • Software installation for Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM, web-based operating system of DiskStation).
  • Install and run Audio Station in Package Center (See here).
  • Install DS audio on your iOS devices (See here).
  • Your AirPlay-supported device (ex: Apple TV) is set up properly.

Refer to Quick Installation Guide for more information about hardware and software installation. You can also see Synology DiskStation User's Guide (available at Synology's Download Center) for a general idea about topics related to this article and how to setup port forwarding for connecting to the internet.

2. Stream media contents from Audio Station to Apple TV

This section explains how to use Audio Station to directly stream music onto AirPlay device such as Apple TV.

To use Audio Station for AirPlay streaming :

  1. 1. Log onto Audio Station as admin or a user with appropriate privilege settings.
  2. 2. Choose a category or a playlist from your library for streaming.
  3. 3. On the top right of the window, click Media Renderer. So the Audio Station can begin detecting Apple TV.Streaming Imaage 2
  4. 4. Click Please select a media renderer and choose Apple TV from the drop-down menu.
  5. 5. Drag songs to the playing queue and press the play button. The streaming would start right away.

3. Stream media contents from mobile device to Apple TV

This section explains how to stream music collections onto Synology App (DS audio) on mobile device such as iPhone/iPad, and through it stream to onto Apple TV via AirPlay. Thus, no matter you are away from home or on the move, the entertainment is always ready to broadcast to other Media Renderer.

To use iPad to stream music stored on the DiskStation onto Apple TV :

  1. Log onto DS audio with iPad.Streaming Image 3
  2. Click on the Airplay icon on the top left to see the drop-down list and choose Apple TV for streaming.
  3. Select the song and play. The streaming would start right away.

To use iPhone/iPad as remote controller and stream music from DiskStation onto Apple TV :

If you are using DS audio as a remote controller (i.e., you would like to use AirPlay from DiskStation directly), you can change DiskStation 's player to AirPlay device from DS audio.

  1. Log onto DS audio with iPad.
  2. Click on the settings icon on the bottom right to select the player and choose Apple TV for streaming.
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DS video

Bring Video Entertainment On-the-go

Your mobile devices can now become your mini TV sets. Available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows Phones, you can watch movies, TV shows, and recorded TV programs stored on your DiskStation. Whether you're waiting for a friend to show up or commuting on the subway, don't stay idle: just log into DS video and you'll always have a great movie to enjoy.

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Tap, Browse, and Watch

DS video is the best companion for Video Station. All your video contents are neatly categorized. It is super easy to sort out or find what you want. You can enjoy an optimized mobile theater experience with the following tools:

  • Multilingual metadata: view movie detail in your own language
  • Search function: locating a movie is fast and easy
  • Organize your video library the way you like, with a personal collection list

A TV Set for Everyone, Everywhere

With multiple TV streaming support, friends and family can also watch the TV program of their choice on the go. It's just like having a TV set for everyone, and you can take it everywhere.

Airplay & DLNA Streaming

Extend the home theater experience everywhere by streaming your most enjoyable movies and TV shows. DS video lets you stream videos onto the big screen with AirPlay and DLNA TV. Whether you are comfortably at home or visiting a friend, full-screen visual entertainment is ready at your call. Your mobile device is your most convenient remote control.

Quick Download

DS video runs on iOS devices, Android devices, and Windows Phone. The app is available for free on Apple App Store, Google play and Windows Phone Store. You can also scan the QR code below for instant download.


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Windows Phone

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Download Station Logo Download Station

One Click, and Download Begins

The Synology DiskStation serves as a sophisticated 24/7 download center that provides you with hands-on user experience with file downloads. With a few clicks, Download Station will autonomously complete the tasks for you. You can just drag-n-drop the existing BitTorrent™ file on your computer onto Download Station and start the task right away.

  • Support BitTorrent™, FTP, HTTP. FTPS, SFTP, eMule, NZB news server, and multiple file hosting sites
  • Set a download schedule to limit the bandwidth and download activities to certain time periods
  • E-mail notification can be send from the system to inform you when a download task completes
  • Download Station automatically unpack/unzip the downloaded files with or without a password
  • Create the Password List so Download Station can directly apply them when unzipping the archives
Download Station Image 1

Find What You Want Fast

For those who think downloading from BitTorrent™ is complicated, Download Station is your perfect solution! Download Station does the hunt with the embedded BitTorrent™ search engine. No extra steps needed. Different listing is available as well to see the latest added BitTorrent™ or the one with most peers and seeds for faster download.

Download Station Image 2

Get the Latest with RSS Feed

RSS Feed feature makes you the first to know when the hottest and latest BitTorrent™ is out by bring the latest updates directly to you. You can then download all the updated files or just a specific file manually. Also, you can subscribe multiple RSS feeds to follow all of your favorite lists.

Automate Download with Watch Folder1

Download Station has gone fully automatic. It can download files for you even without your call or launching the service. Just assign a specific "Watch Folder," and the task will begin as soon as you drag-n-drop torrent files in it. We do the downloading so you can go ahead and enjoy.

Download Station Image 3

Download from File Hosting Sites

Download Station collects the most popular and widely used file hosting sites to simplify the entire download process. If you have a premium membership account from any of the sites we support, you may start download tasks right away. For free account, we make downloads start automatically after the countdown so you don't have to click manually. The list of file hosting site is always up to date, and you can get it easily by clicking a check update button.

Easily download any YouTube video in any resolution format you prefer. Simply copy the URL of the video and paste it in Download Station's search bar and the task would start right away! Eventually, you can have your own favorite YouTube video collection on the DiskStation and watch it anytime you want.


eMule download service is integrated into the Download Station web interface. Simply connect to an eMule server on the list and you can immediately start searching. eMule protocol obfuscation is supported. In addition, for those who share one DiskStation can enjoy multiple download queues from various users, which means everyone can download simultaneously.

To manage the downloads, you may also set the upload/download rates and the maximum connections in the eMule settings. For batch downloads, you can create multiple download tasks by entering more than one ed2k links at once, or simply upload a text file containing multiple links.

1Watched Folder is not supported on DS109j.

Mobility Logo DS audio

Mobility Image 1

Your Music Library is Always with You

Stream music from your pocket with your iOS & Android devices, Windows Phones, and Amazon Kindle Fire1. Your personal Audio Station library becomes available on any of your mobile devices, all at your fingertips.

Tap, Play, & Enjoy

Your entire music collection can be taken on-the-go with DS audio. Simply tap and browse songs sorted by categories or start playing the queue any minute. If you love the selection of songs you just put together: another tap and they will be saved into a playlist. And of course, your favorite Internet radio and DJ are just a few taps away.

Mobility Logo 2 DS download

Mobile Control for Download Tasks

DS download is the best companion for Download Station. Available on iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices, DS download allows you to manage download tasks on-the-go. Browse through the entire list of download tasks, or check an individual task's detailed information and manage its status: pause, resume, or delete it.

Mobility Image 3

Mobility Logo 3 DS file

Mobility Image 4

Terabytes of Files in Your Palm

No need to worry about leaving important files behind when you need them. DS file allows you to remotely access anything stored on your DiskStation. The handy app is available for iOS & Android devices, and Amazon Kindle Fire1.

Mobility Logo 1 DS cloud

Mobility Image 2

A Dedicated App to always Stay In Sync

Let DS cloud be your digital briefcase on the road, and always keep your work up to date wherever you go. Any last-minute change made to a file on your way to work, is automatically pushed to your office desk. You can always access documents and save any sudden brilliant ideas wherever you are.

  • DS cloud is available on iOS and Android devices
  • SSL encryption to protect your data transmission
  • Browse and save changes to files even when there's no Internet connection

Manage the Sync As You Want

There will always be more than enough storage space in your smartphone and tablet: just set syncing priorities by choosing specific folders, specify the maximum file size, or simply choose to not sync video formats for example. Only the most important files will be downloaded onto your mobile devices. And based on your mobile roaming plan, you may choose to sync files only when Wi-Fi is available.

Mobility Logo 4 DS photo+

Share the Best Moments, Wherever You Want

You will always have precious memories to share with others with DS photo+. This photo browsing app lets you share fun moments of life and browse through good old times that are on your Photo Station. DS photo+ is available on iOS & Android devices, Windows Phones, and Amazon Kindle Fire1.

Mobility Image 5

Mobility Logo 5 DS video

Bring Video Entertainment On-the-go

Your mobile devices can now become your mini TV sets. Available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows Phones, you can watch movies, TV shows, and recorded TV programs stored on your DiskStation. Whether you're waiting for a friend to show up or commuting on the subway, don't stay idle: just log into DS video and you'll always have a great movie to enjoy.

Mobility Image 6

1Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore are currently only available in the United States.

Cloud Station Logo Cloud Station

Hit Save, and It's Everywhere

If you own multiple devices, Cloud Station is perfect for you to have files synced automatically to all of them. Your work will always be up to date among Mac, PC, and mobile devices. What's more, you can now sync files with maximum size of 5GB. Files are always accessible via the web and the Cloud Station folders on your local computers. When your PC and DiskStation are in the same local area network (LAN), you can definitely enjoy a speedier transfer rate than what's offered over the Internet.

Download Station Image 1

Sync File among Groups1

When working on a project, it is always important to keep your teams in sync. Cloud Station lets you choose up to 2 share folders and synchronize the folders automatically for you. Thus, a shared folder can work as a data exchange hub for all team members to access and share the latest updates. You can keep up to 30 previous versions to avoid a recent change is overlapped by another's edit.

Download Cloud Image 2

Offline Viewing

View and edit your files anytime you want via the Cloud Station folder even without the Internet connection. You can edit spreadsheets, create a new document, or upload photos all within the folder offline. After Internet access is resumed, all changes will be automatically synced onto Cloud Station and will be ready again for next offline viewing. Your files are made truly available.

Download Cloud Image 2

Sync the cloud securely and efficiently

Cloud Station now provides you with an extra layer of security over the Internet. You can choose whether to enable the encryption based on your personal needs. Data transmission is encrypted with SSL for all file sync. Also, Cloud Station can fit well into your existing IT policy. HTTPS tunneling and Proxy are now supported to establish connection to Cloud Station. Your private cloud is now enhanced with data security and privacy.

Synology DS112J

1 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS112Javailable populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS112

1 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS112available populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS112+

1 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS112+available populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS212j

2 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS212javailable populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS213

2 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS213available populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS213 air

2 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS213 airavailable populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS213+

2 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS213+available populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS413j

4 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS413javailable populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS413

4 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS413available populated with WD Red drives

Synology DS412+

4 Bay NAS Enclosure

Synology DS412+available populated with WD Red drives