Europe´s leading IT refurbisher

Tier1 Asset is a Danish IT refurbisher. With more than 20 years of experience you are guaranteed a premium product, refurbished after the highest standards.

By choosing refurbished products you will become part of the circular economy, resulting in less resources overuse, toxic e-waste, and CO2 emission.

More, for less

When buying T1A refurbished computers you will get a premium product that saves the environment from polluting e-waste and CO2 emission. In addition, you can save up to 80% of the original retail price.







Always included!

Pre-installed with Windows

Out of the box experience

Refurbished in Denmark

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

5 grades to choose from

We classify our refurbished products in 5 different grades.

They all work just like new products and has a new Windows license, to give you the same `Out of the box experience´ as a new retail product.

We are so sure of our products and their quality that all grades have a 2-year warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. You can read more about the different grades below.

A new product that has never been used and may still be in a retail box.

The original manufacturer warranty may also be included

The product is almost new with nearly no signs of usage.

It´s perfect for customers who have a high standard for the visual appearance.

This product has only a few cosmetic signs of usage.

Is perfect for professional office usage.

This product is used but in a condition that is satisfying to most people.

This product is clearly used but fully functional.

This product is great for home use, kids, craftsmen or rough environments where it is physically exposed.

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