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Turn Any Power Socket into an Internet Outlet

Imagine this, your router is on the first floor, while your wired only smart TV is upstairs. Generally, you might contemplate on drilling a hole on the ceiling and running dozens of yards of Ethernet cable through the hole and finally to the destination, which makes your home messy and untidy.

Using your home's existing electrical wiring, TP-LINK’s Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit turns any electrical socket into an Internet connection. Simply plug the powerline adapter into your wall socket and you are ready to enjoy HD streaming and gaming, no configuration required.



Powerline adapters with passthrough feature an integrated power socket, allowing you to plug in a mains powered device. No socket needs to go to waste.

Base and Apps

Gigabit Speeds

Connect to Gigabit speeds for your smart TVs, game consoles, computers and network attached storage devices. Just use an Ethernet cable to attach your devices to the Powerline adapter to get started.


Wi-Fi Option?

TP-Link offer a number of Wi-Fi powerline options too, so whilst you can still take advantage of the wired connections from your powerline, you can also connect Wi-Fi devices as you would to your Router.