DIY Home Security

As the clocks go back and the evenings become darker earlier, homeowners all across the UK are being warned to heighten the security of their homes. Last year the Crime Survey for England and Wales ...

Quick Guide to a VPN

What Is a VPN? And Why You Should Use a VPN on Public Wi-Fi If you’ve ever wondered if it’s safe to use public Wi-Fi, you are not alone. In fact, according to the Norton ...

A Guide to Phishing Scams

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, so we’ve teamed up with our #TechExperts at Norton to guide you through the world of Phishing and give you the tools to defend against this common scam.   ...
guide to smartplugs feature

Guide to Smart Plugs

Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are a great addition to jump start your Connected Home, it is a simple-to-use device that you can plug into any open outlet, allowing you to control multiple electrical appliances in your ...
guide to powerline

Guide to Powerline

Extending your home network : A Guide to PowerLine Technology There’s nothing more annoying than having parts of your home where your Wi-Fi won’t reach. However, it’s not necessarily all doom and gloom as PowerLine ...
Guide to range extenders feature

Guide to Range Extenders

We all share a zero tolerance to lag and buffering, which is why ensuring the router is optimally placed, remains the Holy Grail in the battle for seamless internet connection. Even mathematical theory has been ...
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How to Improve Outdoor Wi-Fi

If your diary’s filling up with BBQ’s, Euro and Olympics parties or festivals and weekends glamping, then it’s time to get your gadgets in order. Apparently, the average smartphone user spends 2 hours a day ...
USB Encryption feature

Guide to USB Encryption

Encryption, the process of scrambling data to a level where only  the correct key or device can decrypt the message. Encryption of USB devices is integral in boosting the security process of transferring data and ...
how secure are smartphones feature

How Secure are Smartphones?

Your smartphone, a mini life manager, communication enabler and entertainment hub, the gateway to well… everything (if you have signal), but have you ever wondered how secure your little pocket companion actually is? Think of ...