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Kingston Memory Cards

Capture and bring to life your memories. Kingston Technology's SD and SDHC memory cards are the perfect match for your digital camera or HD camcorder. Massive photo and video storage in a card no larger than a postage stamp.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Kingston Technology SD and SDHC cards can be relied on to perform. Going somewhere extra special? Use Kingston Technology Elite Pro and Ultimate SD high-speed cards to snap away without delay.

Photo/Video Memory Cards

Kingston SD and SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards are perfect for digital and video cameras.

Kingston's Class 10 SDHC cards have been designed to provide ample storage for high-quality digital still and video cameras and other personal electronic devices. Kingston's SDHC Class 10 cards are reliable and durable and made of non-volatile memory components and no moving parts so are less likely to wear out or break. They deliver a 10MB/s minimum data transfer rate for optimum performance with SDHC/SDXC host devices - perfect for recording HD video and for fast transfers.

Kingston Class 6 SDHC cards bring speed, performance and reliability and again are ideal for photo and video capture and more. They let you concentrate on getting the photo you want and give fast results. The Ultimate SDHC card's 100x speed rating provides a data transfer rate of 15 MB/s so you can keep up with the action.

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Micro SD/Micro SDHC
Mobile Memory Cards

It is likely that your mobile phone now offers increased functionality and memory expansion slots so you can store video, pictures, games and data.

Kingston MicroSD cards offer reliable and compatible expansion memory that can handle the growing speed demands of new applications and devices, including your small multi-media entertainment systems.

Kingston Technology 32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC card guarantees a minimum sustained data transfer rate of 10MB/s read and write, so you can keep up with the speed demands of the latest smartphones.

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Compact Flash

Professional photographers demand flash memory they can rely on, something that won't let them down even on the toughest shoots. Kingston CompactFlash Ultimate 600x has been designed to provide superior results with fast data transfer and support for continuous shooting.

It features a high-performance controller as standard and brings read and write speeds of up to 600x - Kingston's fastest card to support high-end digital cameras and devices.

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