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Founded in 1958, LG has led the way in bringing advanced digital products and applied technologies to its customers, with a whole new world of creative designs.

The brand is committed to innovation in advanced digital technology and here at Ebuyer, you'll find a huge choice of LG's digital products including monitors, TVs and devices for your home entertainment.

All of which are designed to make your life easier such as simple user interfaces, stylish designs and intelligent, state-of-the-art technology.


Model shown: LG E2242C-BN LED LCD 21.5" VGA Monitor

Want deeper blacks and richer colours? LG's LED technology provides even greater control of brightness and delivers better contrast, amazing clarity and colour detail, as well as greater energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD monitors.

Quickfind code: 370651

Price: £82.99

LG Monitors

LG monitors are designed with four basic elements in mind: concept, style, interface and finish. These elements combine to provide a harmony between technology and your needs. Always working on products for the future, LG's research lab, established almost 20 years ago, involves researchers, designers and trend scouts identifying what you want. The result is keen ergonomics, unique design and innovative LED backlight technology.

With a choice of LCD and LED monitors available as well as a range of high definition models, LG monitors can adapt to the needs of business users, gamers, graphic artists, and multimedia enthusiasts.

LG LCD Monitors

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors boast the latest in television technology. Earlier television technology relied on cathode ray tubes, which were not capable of producing the level of quality we enjoy from LCD TVs today. Not only did cathode tube technology not produce the level of quality we see today but they were also more unreliable, resulting in a shorter life span. LCD technology has allowed the mass production of durable TVs, which last for years making an LG LCD monitor an attractive addition to any home computer.

LG HD Monitors

LG continues to lead the field with HD technology and as a result you could do worse than opting to buy an LG HD monitor. With awards for innovation, LG is established as the brand that other companies are striving to keep up with. As models work straight out of the box, the HD range of LG monitors are perfect for any media enthusiast. Whether interested in gaming or watching the latest film with cutting edge image quality, an LG monitor is ideal for those who value fine viewing experiences from their home. Due to the strong presence of HD technology, LG HD monitors are now available for all at affordable prices. Even if you do not currently have a HD signal, when looking for a new monitor bear in mind that buying an LG monitor today will prepare you to receive and enjoy HD technology tomorrow.

LG TFT Monitors

LG TFT monitors employ the latest in LCD technology, allowing each of the 1.3 million pixels to refresh at a much faster speed of several times per second. In the past, without TFT technology, monitors could not keep up with fast moving images such as a mouse being dragged across a screen. This resulted in the image of the mouse vanishing between the two points it was dragged between. However, today TFT technology allows smoother and sharper image quality, opening the door to even more impressive computer gaming experiences and improving other multimedia viewing to levels never seen before. Now is a great time to purchase an LG TFT monitor so you too can enjoy the very latest in TFT monitor technology.



Model shown: LG DM2780D 27 inch 3D LED TV 1080p

The DM2780D allows any 2D images to convert into 3D view without a PC so you can enjoy various 2D films, pictures and even TV broadcasting - in 3D

quickfind code: 284100

Price: £249.58


Today the choices available for TVs are huge and the range of LG televisions reflects this. With HD ready, 3D, LCD and TFT models available, here you will find a comprehensive range of LG TVs. LG are committed to manufacturing the latest products of the highest quality and maintaining their position at the forefront of the TV manufacturing industry. HD technology is quickly spreading throughout homes across the world and it is no surprise that LG HD TVs are the choice of HD ready TV for many. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy 3D entertainment just like at the cinema, don't forget to check out our great deals on LG 3D televisions.

From a screen size of 19 inches, to fit in smaller to medium sized room, to a screen size of 42 inches the range of LG TVs provide options for all households and budgets. LG LCD TVs benefit from LG's leading energy preservation technology. LG are proud of their place on the Energy Saving Trust's recommended scheme. For inclusion on this list, strict criteria must be met to ensure that the electrical products are amongst the most efficient in the market. LG TVs have the ability to save energy of up to 20%, compared with other brands.


Today, not only are widescreen TVs widely available but HD ready TVs are affordable for all. Due to LG TV capabilities far outstretching the quality that any cable signal could deliver, HD technology has been developed in order to fully harness the power of the image quality LCD TVs are able to produce. With an LG HD ready TV and a High Definition signal you will be able to marvel at images of such high quality that could only be dreamed of a few years ago.

Before long HD technology will be enjoyed in every home so now is the optimum time to purchase an LG HD ready TV. Prior to High Definition technology, it was generally the case that as TV screen sizes increased, the image quality worsened. However, with the breakthrough of HD TV, it is now the case that the bigger the screen the better! HD viewing is commonly praised for improving the viewing experience of sporting events and action films and with LG's market leading technology you are likely to find an LG HD TV to meet your needs and more importantly your wants.


With falling prices now is aan ideal opportunity to purchase an LG LCD TV for your home. With built in Freeview, available to enjoy on a sharp and smooth display, there is no need to pay for any TV channel subscriptions. With a one time payment, you will have the chance to indulge in over 140 Digital TV and radio channels for years to come. LG provides some of the most innovative LCD tVs on the market today. With 100Hz scanning-technology, the refresh rates of LG LCD TVs double, resulting in a smoother, sharper viewing experience of fast action; whether watching a sports event or the latest blockbuster.


Passionate about films and wanting to raise the bar on your home entertainment system? Then we recommend you also take a look at our range of LG 3D TVs and experience TV like never before in the comfort of your own home.

The LG 3D TV range delivers leading edge technology and offers the ultimate in home entertainment at extremely competitive prices.

If you're looking for a great quality Blu-Ray 3D player or a surround sound speaker set to go with your new LG 3D television, then we can help with that also.