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Choosing a new laptop?

Why buy a laptop? With so many options for portable computing why would you buy a new laptop?  Wouldn’t you be better off with a shiny new tablet PC or even a smartphone?  Well, it ...
laptops v desktops

Desktop PCs v Laptops

Corrie and Eastenders. Liverpool and Manchester. Tea and Coffee. What do these things all have in common? They divide people’s opinions. Whether it be what your favourite soap is, which city has the best football ...

Laptops vs. Tablets 

Laptops and tablets have, despite being similar, come along way.  Still, it is hard to determine what you need, and how much you’re willing to spend to get what you need.  Before we go too ...

The Best Detachable Computers

If you’re looking for a truly portable PC option, it’s likely you’ll first be looking towards convertible laptops or detachable PCs. These Laptop/Tablet 2 in 1 devices are the perfect option for those needing the ...
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How to Charge your battery faster

Waiting for your smartphone to charge when you really need it can be excruciating. Aside from crossing your fingers, shouting aggressively for it to hurry up or creating your own ritual dance to the smartphone ...

Ebuyer stock new Ubuntu Range

  Great news for Ubuntu fans out there, will be stocking a range of Ubuntu installed laptops in time for summer. This range will include three AMD-powered HP laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu OS. The ...

Gaming Laptop Guide

For the ultimate gaming experience, it’s no secret that a gaming PC crammed full of performance based components is the way to go. For some of us however, a huge clump of plastic and metal ...

Lenovo release Superfish removal tool

Chinese tech manufacturer Lenovo were rumbled recently for pre-installing potentially dangerous software onto their consumer laptops. After a tidal wave of criticism from customers, experts and the media, Lenovo have now responded by releasing a ...

What’s in a Laptop?

Laptops! They’re pretty brilliant. The invention of a portable device containing everything we need for work and pleasure has brought new levels of convenience to our modern lives. But it ain’t all just magic in ...

Top Laptops of 2014

  If you’re looking to treat yourself to a new laptop this Christmas, have a gander through our guide to the best of 2014. From gaming laptops to budget end hybrids, 2014 has seen some ...
laptops under £200

Laptops under £200

What technology can you get for under £200? A smartphone? Maybe a watch? Possibly a tablet or camera? Well, how about a laptop? Yes, you read that right. £200 is now no longer the cut-off ...

Best Gadgets for Students

The right technology can help students make the most of their time at university. Whether you’re preparing for your first semester or buying a gift for an undergrad who’s flying the nest, check out our ...

Buying laptops for Kids

  The school holidays are fast drawing to a close and with the new term upon us, it might be about the time you’re on the hunt for laptop suitable for your kids. But lets ...
When to Save or Splurge on Tech

When To Save and Splurge on Tech

When it comes to gadgets, prices often range from the paltry to the ridiculous. Technological advancements mean that basic items can be manufactured cheaply, but also give scope to make expensive upgrades. Knowing whether your ...

Can Tablets Replace Laptops?

Tablets were once seen as just being a larger smartphone, but now thanks to apps for software and keyboard docks they are competing with laptops. Marketed as being the “laptop replacement”, Microsoft’s new Surface Pro ...