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Living Room




Door Sensor

Ezviz Wireless Open-Close Detector

T6 is a user-friendly position detector, it can easily Install on the horizontal plane of the door, window and drawer.

It supports to send alarm message to Internet Alarm Hub A1 via RF signal when the door, window or drawer are opened

Smart Home Hub

MyDlink Connected Home Hub

The hub is the heart of your Smart home allowing you to control all your gadgets from a single point.

The hub connects to your home broadband and pairs all your Smart devices to the apps on your phone or tablet.

Smart Plug

TP LINK HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

The HS110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug comes with energy monitoring, allowing you to monitor real-time and historical power consumption for your connected electronics through the Kasa App. Receive weekly and monthly summaries to define which devices are using the most power. Closely monitoring power-hungry devices can help you better manage energy usage in your home, ultimately saving you money.

The HS110 allows you to create schedules to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime. You can create a schedule for each device any day of the week, or customize it by a specific time in a day. Scheduling also helps you to keep energy bills low by prevent power hungry devices from being left on longer than needed. Make your devices run on your schedule, even when you're not there.


TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Change the mood and ambiance in any room with a Smart lightbulb. Set the colour or intensity of the lighting by choosing from millions of colours and hues. The bulbs can even be synced to movies and music creating the perfect mood whatever the occasion.

As with other Smart gadgets the lighting is controlled from an app allowing you to schedule the lights to turn on and off when you are away, adding an extra level of security against intruders.

Indoor Camera

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor & Outdoor Wired Security Camera

Whether plugged into the wall or 100% wire-free (powered by a rechargeable battery that can last between a few days and 3 months, depending on usage) every Circle 2 security camera works indoors and outdoors. No matter what your needs are, there's a configuration that's just right for you.

Tell Alexa to turn on Circle 2 before you leave home, use Apple HomeKit™ to control your place while you're away, or ask Google Assistant to pull up your camera's live stream on your phone or Chromecast™ device. No matter how you manage your smart home, Circle 2's integrations have you covered.

Built to weather it all, even outdoors, Circle 2 is tough enough to go outside and handle the heat and cold, rain or shine.

With an array of mounts and accessories that continue to expand, you can keep an eye anywhere you want.


HIVE Active Heating

Make your home more efficient and save money on energy bills. With a Smart thermostat you can control the heating directly from an app. The geolocation feature sends heating alerts when leaving or returning home, and holiday mode reduces energy use whilst you are away.

During inclement weather the thermostat will react according to the temperature not only making sure your home is heated for when you return but also protecting pipes from frost damage.

The thermostat will program itself to keep energy costs low and will even send you an alert if you leave home and forget to turn off the heating.

Outdoor Light

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Control your patio lighting from your armchair, add discreet Smart lights to illuminate flowerbeds and garden features or install motion controlled porch lights for added security.

Outdoor lights are a deterrent to intruders and they can be positioned around your property and are activated by motion sensors.

Alternatively, program driveway lighting to illuminate when you arrive home from work or use mood lighting around the patio or summerhouse.


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We all need to feel secure in our homes and a Smart alarm will do much to reassure us and protect our property from intruders.

The alarm can be linked to window, door sensors and motion detectors but could also be linked to a full security system including surveillance cameras and locks on outbuildings.

The alarm can be monitored and controlled from any smart device.


Ring Video Doorbell

With our range of Smart doorbells, you’ll never miss a visitor or delivery again. When a visitor rings the doorbell your phone is notified and you are able to hold a conversation with the visitor, even if you are sat on a beach on the other side of the world. 

If you are at home a Smart doorbell is invaluable as an extra security aid. The built-in camera allows you to see exactly who is at the door allowing you to choose whether to open the door or not.

Security Camera

Y-CAM HomeMonitor HD Pro Outdoor

A visual deterrent to opportunistic intruders, a security camera offers the reassurance and peace of mind you need whether you are at home or away.

View live or recorded footage on your smartphone or tablet and use the camera either inside or outside the home.

Our range of security cameras allows you to keep a watchful eye on your property, garden, and cars during the day or at night. Alternatively, position a camera inside the home to monitor pets, vulnerable relatives or baby.

Bedside Light

Philips Hue Go

Plug a Smart light into the mains as a permanent fixture or use its rechargeable battery to use it as a portable light anywhere in the home. With their millions of colours and dimming controls our range of Smart lamps allows you to create any mood in any room of your home.

An app allows you to sync your light to music and with a number of dazzling built-in effects, you can find the ideal lighting for any occasion. Mix the colours to create any effect you wish and store them in your phone for whenever you need to change the mood.

Radiator Valve

Devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat

Replace your radiator valves with Smart versions to bring greater control and efficiency to your heating. Straight forward to fit, its simple set up means you will be up and running in minutes.

Use your phone to remotely control the temperature in every room of the house making more efficient use of energy and reducing heating bills. Switch on the radiator downstairs when you wake in the morning or turn on the heating when you are travelling home after work.

Smart Coffee Machine

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Wake up every morning to freshly brewed coffee with our Smart Coffee Machine. Use your phone or tablet to brew a pot of coffee exactly how you like, whether you are still in bed or travelling home on the bus. Set the strength and time of your next brew and have the perfect coffee ready and waiting for you whenever you wish.

Retro Fit Electric Socket

Energenie Mi Double Socket

These can replace your existing electrical sockets bringing Smart capability to every appliance in the house.

Although they can still be manually turned off and on if required, a Smart socket can also be controlled remotely from your phone, so there is no need to worry if you’ve gone out and left the hair straighteners switched on. Simply tap the app and the socket will be turned off.

Snuggled under the duvet and realise you’ve left the light on or forgotten to put your tablet on charge in another room? No problem, use the app on your phone to turn any socket in the house on or off.

Retro Fit Electric Light Switch

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Control your lighting through your phone with our range of retro fit light switches. No need to disagree over who has to switch the light off or even get out of bed to do so. A Smart light switch can be remotely controlled to turn the lighting on or off in any room of the house.


Philips Hue Starter Kit

Change the mood and ambiance in your kitchen with a Smart lightbulb. Set the colour or intensity of the lighting by choosing from millions of colours and hues. Change the colour or intensity to match a special meal or to give greater light when cooking.

As with other Smart gadgets the lighting is controlled from an app allowing you to schedule the lights to turn on and off when you are away, adding an extra level of security.

Smoke Detector

Devolo Home Control Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are a legal requirement in your home but a Smart device adds an extra layer of protection. This sensitive device responds to the first signs of smoke and not only sounds an audible alarm but will also send a text or email alert to your phone.

Very easy to fit, a Smart smoke detector requires no maintenance except for the occasional replacement of batteries.

In the event of a false alarm the device can be turned off quickly and easily via an app on your phone.

Water Leak Detector

Devolo Home Control Flood/ Water Sensor

This simple device could save you thousands of pounds and countless hours of inconvenience.

Perfect to place under sinks or near washing machines and dishwashers, this easy-to-use gadget will alert you to any leaking water. This could save your home from serious damage and it can of course be controlled and monitored from your phone.

Humidity Sensor

Devolo Home Control Humidity Sensor

Monitor humidity levels in your home with this easy to install and use sensor.

Especially useful for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, the sensor can send alerts to your phone when humidity and air quality levels change.

The sensor can be used in any room where humidity levels need to be monitored from the garage to the wine cellar.

Window Sensor

Hive Window Sensor

Very easy to install, simply secure with self-adhesive tabs, this sensor can be used either on a window or door. Used in conjunction with a hub and an app, the sensor will send alerts to your phone or tablet whenever the window or door is opened.

An effective and very affordable way to add an extra layer of security to your home the sensor and can be turned on or off or given a schedule to follow to match those of your security lighting.

Smart Kettle

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Make the perfect cup of tea with a high-tech Smart kettle. Not only can you turn the kettle on from your bed, the sofa or even the bus on the way home, you can also choose from a variety of temperatures depending on what type of tea or coffee you will be drinking.

You could also set the kettle to boil in sync with your morning alarm or to be boiling as you walk through the door after work or shopping.

Bathroom Light

Y-CAM HomeMonitor HD

A SMART door sensor provides an additional level of security to your home. Should a door or window be opened the sensor will send an alarm directly to your SMART device.

As a deterrent to intruders the sensors can be used with other SMART devices to not only trigger an alarm, but to also turn on the house lights when a door is opened.

We stock a number of door and window sensors in our range of SMART home security solutions.