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It's essential you use the correct power supply for your computer. Whether you're upgrading, building a new set up, or have a broken supply, we have plenty of high-quality, low cost power supplies available at Ebuyer.

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If your power supply doesn't provide enough power for your system, it can cause serious performance issues or system errors. Whether you're building your own PC, or need to replace a faulty power supply, it's important to work out the type and wattage of the power supply you need.

It's important to check the efficiency rating of your power supply; 80%+ efficiency PSUs are a better option, as they waste less electricity, and don't create as much heat inside your system. You should also consider whether you're looking for a modular or non-modular power supply - this will impact the way you build your system, manage cables, and upgrade in the future.

How do I know which power supply I need for a computer?

Which power supply you should buy depends on the components in your computer, and what you use the system for. Generally speaking, you should aim for a power supply that delivers a wattage at least 40% greater than the wattage used by your hardware combined.

You'll also need to consider the processes you use your computer for - your system will work harder when running more demanding programs or games, and therefore will require more power. As a result, gamers and designers will need more headroom than those who use their computers for social media or admin tasks.

What is the power supply on a computer?

The power supply unit (PSU) in your computer converts alternating current (AC) from your plug socket into a continuous current (DC) to run the hardware in your computer. It's essentially the system that provides electricity to your set up, allowing it to power on. A low quality or under-powered PSU will cause erratic performance, and potentially damage your system.

What voltage is a PC power supply?

The power supply itself doesn't have voltage - it converts voltage from the plug socket into a low voltage direct current (DC). In Europe, this is usually around 220-240 volts, and the DC it is converted to will vary.