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On Test: Keyboards

We spend so much time and energy pounding away on a keyboard, yet most of us seem to devote little consideration in choosing the best piece of kit for the task. Yet a comfortable and ...
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Smart Home on a Budget

A smart home might sound like a daunting prospect, but security features aren’t the only way you can improve your home with the latest smart technology. If you want to use modern tech to save ...
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Women in Tech There is no hiding behind the truth when it comes to the technology industry, it is male-dominated. Figures place a staggering 78% male employment rate across STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ...
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Cloud Computing Jargon Buster

The Cloud, data on-demand, online storage… however you look at it ‘Cloud Data’ is all around us. If you’re hooked up to the internet in some way (which we assume you are reading this) you ...
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Guide to Gaming Monitors feature

Guide to Gaming Monitors

When choosing a Gaming Monitor there’s a lot to think about, from physical size to resolution and from price to Refresh Rates.  On top of this there’s a raft of other features that you may ...
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Buyers’ Predictions 2015

2015 is touted to be the breakthrough year for augmented reality, wearable tech and smart homes. But after 2014 proved to be a relatively modest 12 months for exciting new technology, which products will emerge ...
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Gizmos and Gremlins

  If you’re anything like me, there are only so many sickly Christmas movies about hyperactive man-children or dead-eyed Tom Hanks clones you can stomach before the time comes to introduce a little bit of ...
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What is NAS

NAS or Network Attached Storage drives are devices that connect to your home or office network and allow multiple users to access the device wirelessly. Put simply, consumer NAS drives work the same way as ...