Portable Battery Power

portbale charger headerHave you ever found yourself in the middle of nowhere and the dreaded low battery strikes? What do you do? Well the answer to your woes may lie with Portable and External Battery Packs

Portable Power Chargers, PowerBanks or External Batteries are a great way to ensure you never run out of charge when out and about. Think of them as mobile charger for your electronic devices, and insurance for your battery.

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Smartphones, tablets and laptops may be more popular than ever, but battery technology hasn’t exactly improved over the last few years.

Most people are lucky to get a couple of days power out of their devices, and many SMART Phones with heavy use barely scrape the 12 hour mark without a boost.

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If you’re out and about camping, travelling, or even at a festival, rooting around for a Mains Power charger is usually out of the question. So instead of turning your device off for the weekend, what else can you do?

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This is where the External Batteries come in. Portable Power charger store up electricity from a standard mains charge. This is then released to your devices as a normal recharge.

Portable Power chargers can be used with a wide array of electronic devices and most will charge via a standard USB cable.

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