Which is the best antivirus for your computer?

best antivirus

Which is the best antivirus?

Ever since the first computers were launched on to the market, there has been a need for antivirus software. It’s a sad fact that there will never be a time when it’s not needed. Modern criminals have a wide range of hacking weapons to take down your system – but you can do a lot to frustrate their illegal efforts.

Not every intrusion into a computer is meant to cause damage or steal valuable information, but that doesn’t mean the attack isn’t dangerous. All intrusions into a computer exploit what is called a ‘vulnerability’ or a weakness in the computer’s operating system. Once a computer has been compromised the door is open to much worse attacks.

From traditional viruses to Malware, Spyware and Ransomware – fraudsters are looking to infiltrate your system. It’s important to have some form of protection on your computer. Even if you don’t have much money to spend, you can still find a good antivirus which will provide protection.

best antivirus


Buying an antivirus is definitely a good course of action, as they provide many advantages you simply cannot get from free solutions. Bonus features will give you peace of mind as they enable you to make online purchases safer, protect children against inappropriate content and secure your entire home network.

The best antivirus come with advanced features which can identify viruses and other threats before anything bad can happen to your system and data. You can’t call it the best antivirus if it doesn’t give you protection for safe and secure online banking and shopping. It’s as simple as that.

Speeds will suffer

If you’ve bought a brand-new desktop, laptop of smartphone, you probably assume that it’s going to operate at lightning-fast speeds for a few years. Think again. Without antivirus protection your new computer is helpless when fighting off even the most innocuous of threats. You really do need to have anti-virus software installed.

Prevention is better than the cure

It’s far easier to quarantine viruses before they destroy your computer. Some viruses can render host systems unusable, while others can prevent new programs being installed. And this can include antivirus programs too. Reinstalling the operating system can mean reverting to a ‘restore point’ and losing important files and data. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know there’s never a good time for it to happen.

Aren’t all the best antivirus all the same?

So, we’ve had a look at some of the potential problems that can arise, but how do you know which is the best antivirus system for you? Aren’t they all the same? What is the best antivirus for Windows 10?

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Which to buy?

If you buy an antivirus, you won’t be affected by threats – even if they are difficult to trace. And if your computer gets infected or encounters difficulties, you can count on professional help from the developer’s support team to make your computer safe and clean again.
Choosing the best antivirus for your computer can be a daunting task because there’s a lot to consider. Do you just want a basic type of protection, or a highly advanced protection system for the entire family? Do you want to protect against just viruses or also against hacker attacks and fraud? Here is a list of things you need to consider…

Best antivirus for Windows 10

As Windows 10 is the world’s most popular PC operating system, it means that it is also an attractive target for hackers. Windows defender is an adequate solution but having an additional layer of security is always a wise thing. It’s like having two locks on your door at home. For Windows 10 you need an all-inclusive antivirus package if your budget runs to that.


Go for an all-inclusive antivirus package if you can. This covers Firewall protection against cybercrime and protection against Ransomware, Adware, Rootkits, network attacks, viruses, Trojans, Spyware and all the rest.

Choose protection you can rely on

Threats are always evolving, so the antivirus you use must provide up to date protection. A good antivirus will check to see if you already have any other similar security programs on your system. It will always ask you to remove any conflicting software before installing itself. It must also be able to operate without affecting the programs already installed on your computer.

Minimal effect

Security products use computer resources to operate, but a good antivirus product should only have a small impact on your computer speed. An effective security system shouldn’t make your computer experience worse. Good antiviruses should also be quite fast when scanning for threats.

best antivirus

Easy to use

Whether you’re a computer expert or a complete novice, a good security product should be simple to use. It should provide:

• Easy navigation through its windows, tabs and navigation
• Easy to find help. Any documentation should be right there. If you can’t find it easily, then it’s pointless
• Touchscreen-friendly controls – good anti-virus should have large buttons, switches and everything else to make it easy to control with your fingers, not just with your mouse

If you are a ‘beginner’ when it comes to computing, maybe you should opt for what is called an ‘install & forget’ security product, which basically does the work for you.


Sometimes it’s easier to contact the dead than it is to contact a helpline. You should be able to contact your anti-virus people easily, either via phone, email or through live chat.

Is VPN offered?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the system that keeps you safe when you use a public-wireless-network, like those found in airports, cafes and conference centres. And if you’re a parent, it would be wise to use a security service which offers parental controls.

Reputation matters

We’re not trying to steer you towards one of the big companies, we’re just saying that if a company is well-established and well-known, then it’s a safer bet than one you’ve never heard of. The best security companies are also constantly evolving their products with new features and better protection measures to combat the threats of adware, Trojans, ransomware, spyware and many other dangers.

These days, you can read customer reviews before making your decision. Also, it is worth pointing out that many malware programs disguise themselves as so-called security solutions. If you choose an unknown antivirus it’s possible you could end up installing a virus on your computer – the very thing which you’re trying to avoid.

What about free antivirus software?

If you’re simply looking to protect your PC from viruses, trojans and worms, then free antivirus from any reputable provider will keep you protected against these. With paid-for versions, you get additional features to tighten-up your security such as a wider range of malware protection, extra privacy controls and additional tools to tune up your PC. It’s a much more comprehensive package to give you all-round security now and in the future.
Here are a few of the leading brands stocked by Ebuyer, all highly recommended.

mobile security


This global security software company is hugely popular and provides internet security to total protection which includes wireless network protection and encrypted storage and anti-phishing features.


Whatever you do online – on your PC, Mac &Android devices, Kaspersky provides a one-licence security option to protect you from malware, webcam spies, financial scammers and more.


Another leading brand which is used by over 50 million customers worldwide. Norton offers comprehensive security packages to beat viruses and other online threats, VPN for your online privacy, a password manager and more – all in a single solution.

Which is right for one for you?

One antivirus may be great for the advanced user, another may be the best antivirus for ease of use. Think carefully about what you personally need, check the reviews, and then proceed safely and securely to the checkout.

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