The benefits of a wireless mouse

Wireless is a common feature for many modern devices these days. Not being tied down by wires allows people to move around freely to suit them. Devices such as phones, computers and even thermostats can all be wireless thanks to the advancements in technology. But what about computer mice? Wireless mice have been around for a while now – however, it can be difficult to know if it’s the right choice for you.

In this edition of our blog we’ll discuss some of the benefits of owning a wireless mouse, so you can be a bit more clued up when it comes to finding the right one for you and your computing needs.

Wireless mice: The basics

Of course, its pretty self explanatory. A wireless mouse is exactly that: a mouse without wires. For decades computer users were tied to using a wired mouse when searching the web or working. Thankfully, wireless mice were first issued in the mid 1990s, and computer users were given the freedom of using a mouse exactly where they wanted, without having to deal with a connecting wire!

Wireless mice: The benefits…

No cable

If you want a minimalistic look to your desk or workspace, then a wireless mouse is the way to go. Having a wireless mouse means there is no cord, which means no fuss. Let’s be honest, a cable is a popular complaint most people have about a mouse. It uses up space on your desk and can easily get tangled. Having no wires means you have more freedom to use your mouse wherever you see fit.


As mentioned before, a wireless mouse offers freedom that you just can’t obtain from a wired mouse. Having a wireless mouse allows you to work from where you are most comfortable. You’re not physically tied to sitting right next to your computer. This makes the use of a wireless mouse ideal for individuals who do use large screens for giving presentations, or for people who use computers as their entertainment system. You can sit anywhere in a room and still control your computer and screen.

Having a wireless mouse also provides more usability for individuals who live with certain mobility disabilities – as being wireless means you can use it wherever!

Perfect for travel

Many of us are used to having to work from home, remotely, or on-the-go. Having to take our laptops, paperwork and everything other than the kitchen sink with us when commuting can get heavy and pretty tiring! Having a wireless mouse is far easier to pack up and take with you to different work locations compared to a wired mouse.

The cable of a wired mouse is just one more thing to pack when you travel. Not forgetting, a wired mouse cord often gets tangled in your laptop bag and leads to irritation… Not ideal!

Easy to use

Wireless mice are surprisingly easy to set up and use. Some require a quick software installation in order to use, some use Bluetooth and other models use a USB dongle in order to connect to your PC. Depending on what model of wireless mouse you choose, you may need to charge it when it’s not in use, or replace the batteries once in a while. Modern wireless mice have reliable connectivity and will provide responsive usage whilst also offering a smooth user experience.

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