A car with a couch??

Every year the CES show in Las Vegas features a whole load of tech to surprise, bewilder and mystify us. CES 2022 has been no different, and sometimes we really do wonder what on earth was going through the minds of designers when they sat down to work. This year, US car giant Cadillac showed-off its new inner-space concept.


We should stress, this is only a concept from Cadillac. It’s not in the showrooms just yet so we shouldn’t read too much into it. But, without doubt, the car is stunning. It’s a bit like an updated DeLorean, which (wait for this) is roomy enough for a couch and a cinema screen!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: Having a couch in a car is recipe for disaster. You are bound to lose the remote control and your loose change down the side of it, and it’s just a matter of time before chocolate crumbs from your Cadbury’s Crème Egg muck it all up!

But hey, let’s overlook those design faults! This super-cool EV of the future is fully autonomous and so does away with the nuisance (!) of a steering wheel, turning the front of the vehicle into an entertainment space for movies, gaming, snogging or whatever else you might want to do while flying down the M62 at 70 mph.

The roof

The roof of this fabulous futuristic car comprises panoramic glass and this together with the doors all open together when entering or exiting the vehicle. But what happens if it’s pouring down? And let’s face it, some places do get a lot of rain. Manchester, for example, is twinned with Atlantis!

The design of the car is sensational, though it’s really big. We’d like to see that try and park in Morrisons cramped spaces!

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