iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor review

iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor

Meet the iiyama G-Master with FreeSync technology. It’s a high-quality 144hz gaming monitor with 1ms response time.

A gamer’s review of the iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor AKA Red Eagle

Starting with the practical features of the gaming monitor it has an adjustable arm offering both height and tilt adjustments. It also has a twist feature which is fantastic news for any competitive gamer. Especially when attending LANS events. Sometimes the work space provided at an event isn’t the greatest and so having the option to adjust the monitors height and tilt is a big positive.

Some brands tend to omit the twist feature and/or offer an unconventionally shaped base for a stylish look. By contrast the base of the iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor is a simple design. But it certainly does the job without getting in the way. This is another bonus.

iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor reviewAs I mentioned previously LAN space can be very minimal so having the option to twist the base without it affecting your view of the screen is another positive. It also allows more room for your keyboard and mouse.

A well connected monitor

The iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor features two HDMI ports. It also has a dual link DVI connection alongside two 3.5mm jack audio connections. It has a display port and two USB 3.0 connections. And of course the power socket kettle lead.

connectivity on the iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor The monitor also features FreeSync. This wasn’t included its predecessor series – the Prolite range. I feel it’s important to say FreeSync only supports up to 120hz on this monitor. Turning FreeSync off will allow you to use the higher frequencies. Personally I dont feel this is an issue but it’s certainly worth noting.

When taking a look at the monitor’s colour reproduction it provides a great range. The colours aren’t 100% representative but the deviation is low and as mentioned the colour provided is fantastic.

Moving onto greyscale there is a much higher deviation as well as a low gamma range. This results in a loss of detail across the brighter parts of images. It also makes some black areas look a bit washed out.

In conclusion the iiyama 24” G-Master gaming monitor is a fantastic panel that delivers up to 144hz and 1ms response times for a reasonable price. It’s a great option for those on a tighter budget.

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