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Laptops under £300: Our top picks.

Laptops have become an essential piece of equipment in most homes. Whether you enjoy the odd internet browse, your child needs a laptop for school, or you work from home. It’s desirable to have a laptop which is reliable yet not too pricey.

A cheap laptop doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. Finding good laptops for under £300 used to be a challenge, but now it’s more realistic thanks to advances intechnology. We’ve dug around and found some of the best value laptops for under £300. Enjoy!

HP 11.6″ Win10 Home Laptop

We had to give this little gem a shout out. Priced just over £200, it packs an impressive punch for such a compact laptop. This would be perfect for a child’s first laptop or for those who just need a computer for internet browsing and sending the odd email. It has an 11.6-inch HD screen, making it great for watching movies when you’re on the go.

It also has an impressive battery life of up to 13 hours. It’s a great choice for people who need to work remotely or binge-watch an online series – without the need to cart a charger around with you. This HP laptop is also great for students who need a laptop they can take around campus without being weighed down. Compact and lightweight. This is a super laptop for those who need a reliable and super affordable computer

A great laptop under £300

ASUS Vivobook

The term “good things come in small packages” is embodied in this laptop. ASUS has incorporated the latest intel processors to give users a powerful punch. Compact and extremely easy to use, this laptop would make a great purchase for students or people who work from home. It’s fast and reliable, not to mention the fact that the screen tilts back 180 degrees in order to provide users with a sharable experience. This means that you can collaborate with colleagues, peers or even the kids with ease, as this laptop opens flat onto surfaces.

Its unique, durable hinge design has been subjected to 20,000 cycles in open-and-close tests- so no need to worry when your child gets a hold of it. Although this laptop has a smaller footprint than an A4 sheet of paper and weighs less than 1kg, at under £250 it’s a great choice for those who need to take their work along with them – without paying a hefty price tag.

Acer Spin 11.6″ Convertible Chromebook

Okay so we’ve cheated a little bit with this one. It’s priced just over £300- but only by a few pounds – so we thought we’d include it because it’s worth shouting about. This Chromebook is an excellent find. It’s convertible, which means it turns into a tablet. The HD screen is also a touch screen, so this is a great choice for kids who like playing hands-on games. The fact that the keyboard can be flipped in orderto create a stand for the tablet makes it great for watching movies when you’re travelling, or when you’re just chilling at home.

We think this laptop would be great as a kids first computer because it has a pressure-resistant cover which will withstand a 60kg weight, a shock-absorbent rubber bumper and reinforced honeycomb design to protect the internal components. Simply put, this means you can relax. It also has an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours, so you can leave the charger at home.

We hope this has helped you narrow down your search for a laptop under £300. Whatever your budget, at Ebuyer you can find the perfect laptop to suit you. Why not check out our other articles about laptops? Or have a look at ways to keep your laptop protected with some great laptop bags.

*Prices may vary from time of writing*

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