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Eco-Friendly: CHERRY goes Green

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Statista.com reports that the sales value of batteries in the UK market in 2008 was approximately £48.1 million and saw a net decrease in the period of consideration, falling to £17.5 million in 2018.

Back in 2008, battery life in keyboards and mice would have been relatively low, with some optical mice using up a set of AA batteries within six weeks or so and this may account for some of the battery consumption shown in the statistics.

With this in mind, manufacturers have been progressing with new technologies to ensure battery life is maximised. Optical mice used a red light on their base, which is where at least some of the battery drain could be accounted for – but this was then switched for laser that made a distinct improvement.

Today, we’ve moved back to optical and to infra-red, but with even more power conservative sensors and technology built in. Six weeks life-span is now a thing of the past… Think months and years instead.

Keyboards are a little different. In general, keyboard batteries last a good amount of time between changes, but any improvement is always welcome. A year or so out of keyboard batteries was standard in the past – but today we’re also into multiple years of usage before changing.

Alternatively, rechargeable batteries are a great option. No need to change them at all, just connect a lead and you’re back up and running. Even these have undergone multiple changes in order to improve the quality and longevity – no more NiCads that fizzle out after a few charges or have a memory effect. Now it’s Alkaline and NiMh controlling the products, giving much longer between charges and a far longer lifespan. For some, it’s also now possible to change these batteries to prolong the life of your product – simply swap the Alkaline AA or AAA rechargeable cells once they’ve reached the end of their serviceable life and you’re back up and running.

The CHERRY range has moved with these trends and technologies and we have something to suit every pocket and requirement. Below is just a small selection of the available range:


MW 2310 2.0 (JW-T0320)

With a 3 stage resolution (1000/1600/2400dpi), five buttons including two conveniently located thumb-buttons, and a nano receiver that stores away in the base of the mouse for travelling. With the two standard AA batteries, this will last for up to three years between changes.

MW 3000 (JW-T0100)

This 5 button mouse fits comfortably into the hand when in use and features a switchable 1000/1750dpi sensor for swift and easy movement across the desktop via the 2.4ghz nano receiver. The two AAA alkaline batteries will give up to 1 8 months life before needing to replace them.


These two mice use Bluetooth or radio frequency to communicate with the PC, have 5 buttons and an adjustable 600/1000/1600/3200dpi sensor that even works on glass. Both have AES encryption and the lithium polymer battery can be simply be recharged using a supplied micro-USB cable so you’ll never run out of power.

Wireless Desktops


The STREAM keyboard has been part of the CHERRY range for many years and this latest version draws on the successes of the original, whilst greatly improving features and now adding a wireless option. 2.4ghz radio frequency with AES encryption ensures a stable and secure connection, built-in LED lights to the Caps/Num/Scroll lock keys give the user convenient information on key status and the ultra-low profile design is supported by a metal plate, giving stability at all times. The accompanying mouse is ambidextrous and features 5 silent buttons for low-noise working. The single AA battery will last up to 12 months in the mouse, but the two AA’s in the keyboard, for up to 36 months.


CHERRY introduced the GENTIX mouse nearly ten years ago and it has proved an extremely popular product line of wired products that’s expanded greatly over the last couple of years. To further compliment the GENTIX series, this simple yet effective wireless desktop includes 10 multimedia keys, integrated status LEDs and an adjustable 1000/2000dpi resolution mouse. Battery life in the keyboard using the supplied 2 x AAA is up to 3 years between changes.

B.UNLIMITED 3.0 (JD-0410GB-2)

Having batteries that can re-charge using a simple cable, means you can continue working if your keyboard or mouse decide to run out of charge at the most inconvenient moment. The B.Unlimited 3.0 features a flat design, scissor keyboard with a heavyweight base and a 2 button mouse with scroll wheel that has sensitivity adjustment between 1000/2000dpi. A USB-A charging cable simply connects to the back of the keyboard or mouse, allowing you to continue working whilst charging. The AA Alkaline Rechargeable batteries can, if required, be replaced at the end of their serviceable life.

DW 9000 SLIM (JD-9000GB-1 / JD-9000GB-2)

The flagship model in the CHERRY wireless range has Bluetooth and RF connectivity for up to two devices simultaneously, integrated status LEDs and a 5 button mouse with switchable 1000/1600 dpi resolution. The integrated Lithium Polymer batteries can be recharged using a micro-USB cable, meaning you’ll never be out of power.

There’s a great deal of choice for those wishing to utilise more environmentally friendly yet convenient and comfortable wireless products. Check Ebuyer for all of your tech!

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