What is HP Instant Ink?

We’ve all been in that horrible position of needing to print off some important work at the last minute, only to find that the printer has run out of ink. There’s really never going to be a convenient time to find yourself inkless. However, don’t panic! There’s a solution at hand called Instant Ink and it’s so hassle-free, you’ll be kicking yourself for not jumping onboard sooner!

In a nutshell

It’s a monthly subscription service. Once you sign up you can forget about going to the store again to buy cartridges! Your printer will tell HP when you’re about to run out of ink and they’ll automatically send you new cartridges – so that you have them before you need them.

Your monthly fee includes ink or toner usage, delivery and recycling. And don’t worry if your printing needs a change, you can easily alter your plan anytime or cancel the service without penalties.

You’ll be sent HP Instant Ink subscription cartridges when you first sign up and replacement cartridges are sent when your printer tells HP you need more ink or toner, not by the month. It’s a system which works perfectly and you can just get on with your work, hassle-free.

Instant Ink = savings

Instant Ink is a simple plan which not only means that you’ll never run out of ink – you’ll also save up to 70% on ink or 50% on toner. HP’s simple-to-use printing service includes: Original HP ink or toner, hassle-free delivery and recycling and flexible plan options, starting at just £0.99 per month.

HP Instant Ink is based on the number of pages you use, not cartridges. So, you choose a plan based on the number of pages you print monthly. HP know that you can’t put a definite figure on this, so you just estimate how many pages you think you need each month. If it turns out you don’t need to print much, the unused pages will rollover to the following month.  

Select a printing plan

From the personal user who prints off just a few pages per month, to the business which has a heavy printing workload – there’s an option for everyone. Your monthly subscription includes ink or toner (depending on what machine you have), fast delivery, and prepaid recycling.

Enjoy total flexibility

The great thing about Instant Ink is that you can cancel or change your plan anytime. If you don’t use all of your pages, they automatically rollover to the next month, so there’s never a feeling that you’ve missed out or had to print things for the sake of it to use up your quota. Smart printing is just that – it fits in with how YOU work.

Shipping at no extra cost

When your ink or toner levels are low, HP automatically ship a new cartridge. The good thing is, your cartridges are shipped before you actually need them, so you never run out. This means that your work is never interrupted, and you never find yourself in the situation where you need to go out and find a late-opening supermarket to buy emergency ink!

Instant Ink sounds too good to be true!

You could be forgiven for thinking that, but the reality is, it’s a win-win situation for you, the buyer and for HP. Why? Well, HP Instant Ink uses high-volume cartridges, pricing based on pages printed, and direct-to-customer shipping delivered only when you run low. This means that fewer cartridges travel shorter distances and require less packages, allowing savings to be passed on to you.

What do you need to sign up to Instant Ink?

Firstly, you’ll need an HP printer which is compatible with HP Instant Ink. If you’re browsing printers online, then each printer’s information will tell you if Instant Ink is available with that particular model.

You will also need an Internet connection for your printer, a valid email address and a valid payment method for billing purposes: Credit card, direct debit, or PayPal.

The circular economy

Th ‘circular economy’ is a phrase you may have heard before. It means that products are recycled and continually re-used to protect the environment. Recycle your HP Ink and Toner supplies with HP Planet Partners, so they become new products and don’t end up in oceans or landfills.

It’s a simple process. You can drop off your HP ink and toner supplies or Samsung toner supplies at a location near you for no cost. Alternatively, you can mail it back, as you receive free shipping labels and materials for an easy pack-and-ship experience.

HP uses recycled content to make 100% of Original HP toner cartridges and 80% of Original HP ink cartridges. With HP Instant Ink, ink cartridges require less packaging and fewer shipments, reducing energy usage by 69% and water usage by 70%.

Can anyone sign up for Instant Ink?

Yes, everyone can benefit. From students to the home worker to the small business – Instant Ink provides peace of mind and on-going savings for anyone. There are several different Instant Ink plans to consider, depending on what you need. You’ll find the different options listed with each HP printer when shopping.

Already have a printer? Head over to our Instant Ink page to sign up or learn more.

If you’re on the hunt for a new printer than check out our printers to suit your workstyle.

Printers for WFH, study and the office…

Here are a few HP printers which we can recommend…

Best HP printer for the office: HP OfficeJet 8012e All-in-One Printer with 6 months of Instant Ink with HP⁺.

Designed to save time and increase efficiency. The OfficeJet 8012e helps you eliminate steps in repetitive tasks, using shortcuts. Scan to the cloud, email, and more – in a tap. You can also work fast and hands-free with the 35 page auto-feeder and get automatic two sided printing.

Tasks become easier when you take control of print, scan and copy jobs with tap-and-swipe ease, using the colour touchscreen. Also, you can easily print, scan, and copy from a mobile phone, using HP Smart* – best-in-class print app.

6 months of Instant Ink included when you activate HP⁺ during printer setup*.

Best HP printer for home and study: HP ENVY Photo 6230 Wireless All-in-One Printer – Instant Ink Available

Providing everything you need for effective home work and study, the popular HP ENVY Photo 6230 is a versatile and great value printer. You can print, copy and scan, and there’s also automatic double-sided printing available too. This wireless printer is perfect for compact areas and produces outstanding print, from documents to photographs.

Best HP for students and study: HP DeskJet 3760 All-in-One Inkjet Printer – Instant Ink Available

Get the compact printing power and wireless independence you need to print, scan, and copy from virtually any mobile device. The HP DeskJet 3760 is the world’s smallest all-in-one printer – and is an Instant Ink ready printer that fits and looks good virtually anywhere.

For maximum convenience, you can easily print from your smartphone, tablet, and notebook at work, home, or out and about on your travels. When you print from your mobile device, no Wi-Fi code or password is required.

Take a look at the full HP range here!

** *After 6 months, monthly Instant Ink fee applies unless cancelled.

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